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Le Salon d’Art Presents: Fumero and Joseph Meloy “90 Stanton Street Art Show” (Manhattan, NY)

Fumero and Joseph Meloy

So it’s THURSDAY, JANUARY 12th and you ask yourself “What am I doing tonight? Where will I be? What is on the agenda for today?” And then you remember, “Oh right! Tonight is the opening party for the 90 STANTON STREET ART SHOW! Today is Thursday, January 12th!” A warm rush of endorphins lifts you up as you envision the idea of hanging out in the Lower East Side in an alternative gallery space on Stanton Street, surrounded by exciting urban artwork that’s never been seen before (expressive post-graffiti kind of stuff kinda exploding with colors and interesting lines and shapes and marks), and you are mingling, and you are drinking alcoholic drinks for free and having a pretty damn good time on this Thursday evening in January…This is the kind of vibe we’re talking about on January 12th at the 90 STANTON STREET ART SHOW, proudly presented by Le Salon d’Art and featuring the artwork of FUMERO and JOSEPH MELOY.

Joseph Meloy “Fiesta” (image © courtesy of Joseph Meloy)

If you’re in the mood for vibrant and uniquely personalized portraiture, rendered in bold post-graffiti style and composed with the eye of a Renaissance man, then come to the show and enjoy the classy and classic-meets-modern artwork that is FUMEROISM, courtesy of fine art painter FUMERO.

Fumero “Eyes” (image © courtesy of Fumero)

And if you enjoy futuristic cave paintings from an era that is right now, highly abstracted hieroglyphic land and cityscapes and maps and all kinds of wacked out post-graffiti-fine-art-Rorschach-Test-lookin’ goodness, then surely you will enjoy the artwork of JOSEPH MELOY and his special brand of VANDAL EXPRESSIONISM.

So come on out and have a good time and if you see something you really like, guess what, you can buy it and take it home with you so there you go. Free admission, top notch art to look at and to buy, a live DJ, uhh snacks, cool people and memories to last a lifetime! Maybe one day you’ll be telling your grandkids about how you were so cool back in the day because you were there for the opening party of the 90 STANTON STREET ART SHOW! On THURSDAY, JANUARY 12th!

Thursday, January 12, 2012
“90 Stanton Street Art Show – featuring VANDAL EXPRESSIONISM and FUMEROISM”
Opening Reception: 7PM – 11:30-PM
90 Stanton Street, NYC
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