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Delusionalists Announced! Jonathan LeVine Projects

Delusionalists Announced! Jonathan LeVine Projects

BSA is proud to present the “Delusional” Finalists !

Competing in a field of more than 1700 submissions, finalists were chosen by a team of  jurors including: artist Tara McPherson, UN museum Director Yasha Young, artist Jeff Soto, Juxtapoz Editor Evan Pricco, gallery visionaire Jonathan LeVine and curators and founders of BSA, Jaime Rojo & Steven P. Harrington.

THE SEARCH IS OVER!  Jonathan LeVine Projects 2nd Annual Delusional Art Competition opens on August 1st and will feature work by the following 40 artists:

Alayna Coverly, Amy Guidry, Anthony Solano, Anton HoegerRisa Tochigi (boogieREZ), Carly Slade, Caroline Pool, Cesar Piette, Cielle Graham, Daniel Coves, Eelco van den Berg, Floria Gonzalez, Harumi Ori, Hilary Hubanks, Hiroshi Sato, Jonathan Aller, Jorge Catoni, Joshua Flint, Kathryn Polk, Katie Shima, Kyle Stewart, Matthew Huntley, Michael Camarra, Mikael Takacs, Mose Biz DadaNicola Caredda, Paul Reid, Renan Santos, Rick Newton, Robert Nelson, Samuel WilsonSamuelle Green, Steven Chmilar, Steven Labadessa, Susannah Martin, Tina Lugo, Vicki Khuzami, Victor Fota, William KangWin Wallace

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner from the list above will be announced on the opening night on August 1st.

In addition to the artists listed above, the following were selected for People’s Choice, which is an opportunity for the public to vote for their favorites and award cash prizes and products from Denik and Trekell.

Adam Laerkesen, Alexis Kandra, Alon Bonder, Audun Grimstad, Billy Stewart, Buket Savci, Carly Mazur, Catarina Rosa, David Habben, Eric Rodriguez, Hyun Jung Ji, Jacob Hicks, James Petrucci, Konstantinos Kyrtis, Jody Christian, Juan Sanabria, Mikey Winsor, Qiurui Du, Russell Prather Violeta Hernandez

Here is some insight into the grueling harrowing sweaty process that Jonathan and jurors had to go through these past months..

Click on each name to learn more about these Delusional artists.  Please join us at the opening reception of Delusional on August 1st from 6 to 9 pm where winners will be announced!  The exhibition will remain on view through August 25.  Stay tuned for details regarding People’s Choice – voting begins on August 6th!

Below is a small selection of works culled from the finalists’ list and their Instagram accounts.

Katie Shima. “Delusional” finalist.

Anthony Solano. “Delusional” finalist.

Alayna Coverly. “Delusional” finalist.

Hiroshi Sato. “Delusional” finalist.

Win Wallace. “Delusional” finalist.

Carly Slade. “Delusional” finalist.

Joshua Flint. “Delusional” finalist.

Click HERE to learn more about “Delusional”


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Jeremy Fish and “Happily Ever After”

Jeremy Fish and “Happily Ever After”

If you missed his show this month with Jonathan Levine, you can comfort yourself with a copy of his book Happily Ever After, which gets you promptly inside the head the storytelling Jeremy Fish.

Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish.

It’s unusual to see his work in New York (or in this case New Jersey) since after leaving Upstate New York nearly two decades ago this fine artist/commercial illustrator has been dancing in the arms of San Francisco. You think we’re being poetic about his West Coast cred, but he literally illustrated 100 drawings in SF City Hall over 100 days, was awarded with his own “Jeremy Fish” day by the city, might have the record for the most shows at Upper Playground Gallery, and has even collaborated with a cannabis company to create a branded oil and vape pen.

Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish.

You can see the influence of skater culture, tattoo culture, and Street Art/graffiti in his crisp aesthetic that brings animals, skulls, camping, and the chill life to every design and fantasy. Bombing around in a 1976 Dodge Van with a dream catcher hanging off the rearview mirror is not just a mindset for Fish, it is a natural fact. It’s also a symbol for his wandering spirit.

With exactitude and whimsy and a bit of sarcasm wending its way through this handsome hardcover, you can get an insight into the paintings, screen prints, sculpture and murals that Fish did over a recent 6 year period. Naturally it ended Happily Ever After.

Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish.

Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish.

Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish.

Jeremy Fish “Happily Ever After” The Artwork of Jeremy Fish.

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Christie’s Education X BSA, Brooklyn Museum, Jonathan Levine Tonight

Christie’s Education X BSA, Brooklyn Museum, Jonathan Levine Tonight

Today at the invitation of Christie’s Education we’ll be participating in a panel discussion about Street Art and how it is being embraced by the art market, museums, and galleries. We’re honored to share the stage with Dr. Sharon Matt Atkins, Vice-Director of Exhibitions and Collections at Brooklyn Museum and with Jonathan LeVine, owner of Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan.


The panel is organized by Christie’s Academic Director Dr. Véronique Chagnon-Burke and Dr. Matt Atkins.

The space is limited for this event so you must RSVP if you are going to attend. Can’t wait to see you there!



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BSA Galavanting, The New Year and You

BSA Galavanting, The New Year and You

BSA galavanted through the streets last year and here we re-paste our recent newsletter to BSA readers. Sign up for it if you like. Here’s the original.

590-mad-mimi-Happy-New year-2016

Happy New Year from BSA!

From Berlin to Norway to Rochester and Mexico, Faile to Swoon to Ron English to Dan Witz and Gilf!, BSA was in museums, galleries, artists studios, at festivals, on panel discussions, on stages, on TV, radio, in theaters, and of course in the street.

Here are some highlights of the some of the amazing things BSA did with you in 2015. We sincerely thank you for your support and send love to you and yours in the new year!


In ’15 BSA Created “Persons of Interest” with UN in Berlin
Brought 12 Brooklyn Street Artists to Berlin with “Persons of Interest” show for Urban Nation Museum (UN)/ProjectM7

Reviews in:
Juxtapoz, VNA, Hi-Fructose, Huffington Post, Butterfly

11054351 1090638687629171 8795315509401460286 n

The (almost) complete “Persons of Interest” crew courtesy ©Sandra Butterfly


BSA Presented “On the Radar” in Coney Island
With Jeffrey Dietch’s Coney Art Walls program at Coney Island Museum for Coney Art Walls, we presented 12 artist to watch who are on our radar.

Brooklyn-Street-Art-Jaime-Rojo-Jeffrey-Deitch-Steven-P Harrington-Coney-Art-Walls-Aug2015-740

BSA Presented Faile at the Brooklyn Museum
A beautiful experience to be a part of the FAILE exhibition from its earliest planning stages to its full summer run at Brooklyn Museum, the cherry on top was to host an in-depth presentation and conversation with Faile’s Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil and BKM curator Sharon Matt Atkins in front of an enthusiastic Brooklyn audience.

Aside from The Pope landing in New York at the exact time people were traveling to the show and some microphone difficulties at the beginning of the show, it was a complete and total thrill for us. See the full video on LiveStream here.

What Happened with BSA + FAILE at the Brooklyn Museum?



Steven P. Harrington, Patrick Miller of Faile (top), Sharon Matt Atkins, Patrick McNeil, and Jaime Rojo (image © by and courtesy of The Dusty Rebel) (@DustyRebel on Instagram)


BSA Joined Swoon to Inaugurate Her New Heliotrope Foundation
The tenacious and visionary Street Artist grounded her dreams in a formal foundation in 2015, allowing her to pursue even greater reach in her growing projects in New Orleans, Haiti, and Braddock, PA. We were honored to interview her and to help celebrate the official beginning of The Heliotrope Foundation with the help of special guest and board member Kaseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz.



Callie Curry (aka Swoon), Kasseem Dean (aka Swizz Beatz), Jaime Rojo, Steven P. Harrington inaugurate The Heliotrope Foundation

IMG 4917

photo ©Daniel Feral

BSA Hosted Martha Cooper, Bortusk Leer, and Herman De Hoop at Nuart Plus
For presentations from each of the guests and panel discussion on the intersection of “Play” and public space at NUART 2015 in Stavanger, Norway.

Read our published essay for the academic conference at Nuart: “TECHNOLOGY, FESTIVALS AND MURALS AS NUART TURNS 15

NUART 2015 Roundup: A Laboratory on the Street


Jaime Rojo, Harmen De Hoop, Martha Cooper, Bortusk Leer, Steven P. Harrington at Nuart Plus (©MZM Projects)

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Banksy Does New York Took Us to Theaters Around the World
Good News: The movie got on NetFlix, iTunes, in festivals, and in theaters in cities around the globe
Bad News: People think we have a museum

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 4.23.20 PM

We Flew Over World’s Largest Mural
Flew by helicopter above the world’s largest mural by Ella and Pitr in Stavanger, Norway with two of our most admired photographers; Martha Cooper and Ian Cox. Thanks Nuart!


Ella & Pitr © Jaime Rojo

Brooklyn-Street-Art-copyright-Ian-Cox-of-Cox-Cooper-Rojo-in Stavanger-Sept2015

Ian Cox, Martha Cooper, Jaime Rojo getting ready to fly over Ella & Pitr in Norway (photo selfie ©Ian Cox)

We presented BSA Film Friday Live at MAG Gallery
Under the direction of Jonathan Binstock at University of Rochester Museum the MAG Gallery hosted us during the Wall\Therapy festival.

This is the grassroots sort of festival that rings true to us these days and the down-to-earth volunteers and organizers of this event, along with those of our associates at Urban Nation (UN), made this a highlight of the summer.

WALL\THERAPY 2015 : Surrealism and The Fantastic

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Steven P. Harrington at MAG Gallery for Wall\Therapy (photo ©Jason Wilder)


BSA moderated 1st panel for 1st event of 1st edition of LoMan Festival
“OMG Is this Street Art?” was the name of our panel with guest panelists Ron English, Gilf!, Dan Witz, and Jonathan Levine.

LoMan Art Festival Launches Its First Blast in NYC

11828542 10153536235577996 765811333769883939 n

Ron English, Ann J Lewis, Dan Witz, Jonathan LeVine, and Steven P. Harrington for first LoMan festival event in August (photo ©Rodrigo Valles‎).

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BSA in Berlin Radio Interview with Vantage Point
We talked about Jay-Z, Bowie, Bushwick, the democratization of Street Art, cultural imperialism, the UN and what it is like to bust out a blog seven days a week and still keep your mind and heart open to discovery.
Listen to it here on Vantage Point and Soundcloud:

BSA completed its fifth year in partnership with The Huffington Post in June 2015 (225+ articles) and was translated in Spanish on El Huffington Post, in French on Le Huffington Post, in Italian on L’Huffington Post, in Korean on Huff Post Korea, in Portuguese on Brasil Post, and in Greek for Huffington Post Greece.
BSA posted every single day and did 23 interviews and studio visits and published articles about street art in 103 cities
BSA was reference or appeared in the media in The New York Times, The Today Show, Le Monde, Agence France Press, German Rbb Tv, Borås Tidning, El Diario, El Heraldo, ArtNet News, Juxtapoz, VNA, Hi-Fructose, and others.
BSA’s Director of Photography Jaime Rojo took more than 10,000 images and we picked 143 as BSA 2015 Images of the Year.

Special thank you to photographer Martha Cooper and Nuart Festival director Martyn Reed for the banner image from this years festival.

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Jonathan LeVine and his Buddy Evan : 15 for 2015

Jonathan LeVine and his Buddy Evan : 15 for 2015


What are you celebrating this season? We’re celebrating BSA readers and fans with a holiday assorted chocolate box of 15 of the smartest and tastiest people we know. Each day until the new year we ask a guest to take a moment to reflect on 2015 and to tell us about one photograph that best captures the year for him or her. It’s our way of sharing the sweetness of the season and saying ‘thank you’ for inspiring us throughout the year.

Jonathan LeVine has been director since 2005 of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, an essential venue for Street Art and Pop Surrealism that brings a steady parade of mind-bending talent and shows to the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea art district. Independently curating exhibitions at punk and alternative rock venues in the 1990s probably helped prepare Jonathan to deftly straddle the competing influences of counterculture, activism, and commercialism at play today; which he does with a frankly sharp wit and a still-marveling true appreciation for art and the artist.

Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC
October 16, 2015
Photograph by Jonathan LeVine

This is a photo I took of my good buddy Evan Pricco who also happens to be the editor of Juxtapoz. Evan and I were walking back to my gallery from the West Village where we had dinner when we stumbled across this little fellow.

I don’t often take photos of street art but I liked this one piece in particular because it was kind of inconspicuous. It reminded me of the old New York where I would run into some quick graffiti like doodle or street intervention that would kind of pop up and surprise me and make me laugh.


Nowadays with street art/mural art run amok all over the world I feel like it’s all a bit forced on me. This piece felt authentic and it was nice to discover it with Evan. For me this photo captures a meaningful moment in NYC and reminds me of a fun night of feeling connected through the exchange of interesting conversation and ideas. These types of moments don’t come as often as they used to in this constantly changing city.

~ Jonathan Levine


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Project M/6 Curated By Jonathan LeVine

Project M/6 Curated By Jonathan LeVine

The sixth installment of Project M at the Urban Nation (UN) comes from a clever collection of painters, illustrators, and urban interventionists. Curated by gallerist Jonathan Levine, whose gallery consistently stages quality shows in Manhattan’s Chelsea art district, the street level windows, façade, and pop-up show feature deep, dark, and richly storied works that resonate.


DAL East at work on the facade. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Entitled “Greetings From New York City,” the show features artists who have intersected with the street primarily from outside of Gotham such as China/South Africa’s Dal East, Austria’s Nychos, Mexico’s Saner, and the Californian Jeff Soto. Two exceptions like Brooklyn’s Dan Witz and Olek are both currently active on the New York street art scene and in the case of Witz, dating back to his student days in the East Village in the late 1970s.

Consistent with his street pieces hidden in plain sight for street watchers, Mr. Witz drilled his hooded and gated prisoners to the installation board display and Olek crocheted a provocative slogan in her blaringly neon tableau, brightening and possibly flummoxing the grey Schöneberg streets.


DAL East at work on the facade. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Saner’s magically real folk references are meaty and disturbing – evoking the monstrous events currently happening back home, while Nychos’ cartoonish dissection of animals and people in 3-D trace directly to his family’s traditions of  hunting and Jeff Soto straddles the street and the dark pop fantasy world that frequents the pages of magazines like Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose. For his exterior façade mural Dal East gathers the life force energy of an eagle to rise above and preside above the street in stark relief.

On the whole Mr. Levine’s stable communicates through layers both humorous and heavy, myriad meanings touched by a sardonic gloss of advertising finesse; sometimes slyly laughing, sometimes deadpan, always musing. Project M/6 smartly invites this view into the frame of modern contemporary as art in the streets continues to conflate.


DAL East with a detail of the facade on the background. (photo © Henrik Haven)


DAL East to the right. The center piece by mixed media collage artist Handiedan is not  part of ProjectM/6 (photo © Henrik Haven)


SANER at work on his panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


SANER at work on his panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Jeff Soto at work on his panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Jeff Soto at work on his panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Nychos at work on his panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Nychos. Sketch book. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Olek and assistant at work on her panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Dan Witz at work on his panels. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Jeff Soto on the left. Dan Witz on the right. (photo © Henrik Haven)


Dan Witz (photo © Henrik Haven)


Jeff Soto . Dan Witz . Olek (photo © Henrik Haven)


Olek (photo © Henrik Haven)


Nychos (photo © Henrik Haven)


Nychos (photo © Henrik Haven)


SANER (photo © Henrik Haven)


SANER. Detail. (photo © Henrik Haven)


SANER (photo © Henrik Haven)


Jeff Soto (photo © Henrik Haven)

To learn more about Urban Nation and ProjectM click HERE

We wish to thank photographer Henrik Haven for sharing his work with BSA readers, and to UN Director Yasha Young.


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Fun Friday 08.19.11


1. Street Artist OLEK at Jonathan Levine
2. God, I just feel like I’m Always on the Run these days… (VIDEO)
3. Community Murals Thrive in Bronx – “Magic Through Logic”
4. JR Talks about “Inside Out” (VIDEO)
5. Residency and Symposium at Art & Law
5. Example Number 17: How Corporations Scam the System (VIDEO)

Street Artist OLEK at Jonathan Levine

If you have a chance to get over to Jonathan Levine Gallery to see the Olek show, please drop us a note to tell us what you think.  Props to Mr. Levine for showcasing artists like Olek, and props to Olek for pursuing her vision of creativity on the streets in a very engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining way.


Photo Copyright of and courtesy of Happy Famous Artists – Bad Art for Bad People via Flickr

“By covering things in yarn, Olek changes our interactions with everyday objects — whether that is a shopping cart or another person on the street. The surprise of that spectacle is what makes the work engaging — seeing yarn go where no yarn has gone before.”

Read more of this great piece on her on Art Info by Ashton Cooper: “Hardcore Yarn: Olek Brings Her Aggressive Appropriationist Spin on Crochet Art to Chelsea”


Olek on the street (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Jonathan Levine Gallery

God, I just feel like I’m Always on the Run these days…

Next time you start complaining about the obstacles in life, just look at this for inspiration. There has to be some kind of award for extreme building jumping, and this video has 3 guys who would be choked up with gold medallions, right after they get the flames extinguished.

Community Murals Thrive in Bronx – “Magic Through Logic”

Community murals throughout New York City and have a long tradition as an important outlet for creative expression and the furtherance of communications and connectedness in a neighborhood. The group Creative Arts Workshops for Kids is unveiling this mural in Harlem River Park today.  HarlemRiverPark_winter_storyslide_image

“Each drawing means something and tells a story,” the kids wrote on their blog at the start of the project. “We knew we had to find these stories in the community.”

photo © Lauren Jobson

Read more about the project on in this posting by  Daniel P. Tucker


JR Talks about “Inside Out”

“You have to stand for what you care about, you have to come out basically”

Example Number 17: How Corporations Scam the System

Matt Taibbi explains really quick in plain English how to set up fake structures offshore to wash your money and avoid taxes.

Residency and Symposium at Art & Law

As legal and judicial issues now permeate every aspect of social, political and cultural life, artistic production is no longer immune. The Art & Law Residency provides an intellectual and artistic setting for participants to engage in ongoing discussions and debates that examine the overlap and disconnect between artistic production and the law from historical, social, ethical and intellectual standpoints.  symposium_announcement_6

The Art & Law Residency provides an intellectual and artistic setting for eight visual artists and four writers to engage in ongoing debates that examine the overlap and disconnect between artistic production and the law from historical, social, ethical, and intellectual standpoints. Using law as both a discourse and medium, new art and critical writing will come into being through the Residency. The writers in this year’s program will present papers investigating the role intellectual property plays in the construction and dissemination of images, and art as an alternative to traditional forms of justice and legal remedies.

Wednesday August 24, 2011
6 – 9pm
Please RSVP by August 21, 2011

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Fun Friday 10.22.10


Brooklyn-Street-Art-JR-Ted-PrizWEBCongratulations JR !

There is an idea worth spreading! JR, Street Artist, is the 2011 recipient of the TED prize:

“JR creates what might be called “pervasive art.” Working with a team of volunteers in various urban environments, he mounts enormous black-and-white photo canvases that spread on the buildings of the slums around Paris, on the walls in the Middle East, on broken bridges in Africa, and across the favelas of Brazil. These images become part of the local landscape and capture people’s attention and imagination around the world.”

Read more on the TED site and watch this gorgeous and moving video testifying to gutsy proactive engagement with the world and the power of the creative spirit that transcends silly art school armchair criticism.

Chris Stain for No Longer Empty

Chris Stain (with help from his buddy Burt Reynolds) transforms an 84 foot wall in Brooklyn with a tribute to the working class that built this city, specifically those who worked in Dumbo and the Navy Yard.

“30 Days in Brooklyn”

Rusty Ralston wants to bring his photo essay out to the streets of New York in December. He needs your help too!

Click here for his Kickstarter campaign

Brooklyn Artist Tara McPherson Prepares for Show at Jonathan Levine


To know her is to love her. Hell, we don’t even know her but still love her from afar… as her reputation as an artist and a fine person percolates around here in Brooklyn. Also, what a great role model for girls and young women who want to make their life their art and their art their life.  Check out preview pics over at Arrested Motion.

Beautiful Losers

Recently released in it’s entirety, this influential and beautiful film is now available to you here for free. It’s the story of a group of artist kids on Manhattan’s Lower East Side who encouraged each other to continue to experiment and grow – in only the germinating way that NYC can do it. We know how important community is for artists, and thankfully New York is still a fertile soil for discovery and innovation.

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Museo De La Ciudad De Mexico and Anonymous Gallery Presents: “Draw” (Mexico City)




DRAW is the largest contemporary drawing exhibition to emerge from New York City. It is a must-see art exhibition featuring original drawings by more than 350 artists influenced by the illustration, graffiti, tattoo, literature, design, animation, skateboard, music, psychedelic art worlds. The show is a tribute to the often-underrated but fundamental building block of visual and graphic art: the drawing.

Artists whose original works are in the show include :  Chris Johanson, Terence Koh , Dan Colen , Aurel Schmidt , Benjamin Cho , DAZE , R. Crumb, Alex Grey, HR Giger, Clive Barker, Robert Williams, Mark Ryden, Wes Lang , Eric White , Rich Jacobs, Barry McGee , Rick Griffin, Ron English, Neck Face, Tim Biskup, Ed Templeton, Benjamin Cho, Mark Gonzales, Jack Rudy, Derek Hess, David Byrne, Mark Dean Veca, Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) , Kevin Long/Spanky, Hank Williams III, WK Interact, Jose Manuel Schmill, Shawn Barber, Doze Green, Kevin Llewellyn, Bast, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Greg Lamarche, Kostas Seremetis, Swoon, Tom Sachs, and hundreds more.

After four years of gallery exhibitions, DRAW will have it’s museum debut at Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, one of MexicoCity’s finest museums. The opening is on June 19, 2010 and will exhibit through August 15, 2010. To coincide with the exhibition, the museum will be publishing a book for worldwide distribution to contemporary museum bookstores around the world. Carlo McCormick, one of the most respected art writers and curators in the U.S. will be writing an introductory essay for the book.

DRAW is curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey with guest curators Tim Barber, Miguel Calderon, Lisa Lebofsky, Jacaebor Kastor, Justin Giarla, Jamie O’Shea, Matt Campbell,  Damian Weinkrantz, Les Barany, Sto, D* Face, Jonathan Levine, Tony Cox, and Anonymous Gallery Founder and Director, Joseph Ian Henrikson.

Anonymous Gallery’s curatorial contributions include artists such as: Bast, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Greg Lamarche, Tom Sachs, Kostas Seremetis, and Swoon For more information, please contact or visit or visit

o.  646.238.9069
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Date Farmers tonight at Jonathan Levine, “Smother Your Mother”

“The Date Farmers continue to develop what has become their signature aesthetic, incorporating found objects into their assemblage works which include aspects of collage, hand-painted typography, and cross-hatch drawing techniques.

The work contains elements influenced by graffiti, Mexican street murals, traditional revolutionary posters, prison art, tattoos, and sign painting, while often combining familiar pop iconography and corporate logos with figures from comics, folklore and Catholicism.”

courtesy Jonathan Levine Gallery

"Descent into Heaven", Date Farmers (courtesy Jonathan Levine Gallery)

St Luis MO, Date Farmers (courtesy Jonathan Levine Gallery)

St Luis MO, Date Farmers (courtesy Jonathan Levine Gallery)

Jonathan Levine Gallery

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