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Show and Tell Gallery Presents: “Good Folks” A Group Show (Toronto, Canada)


Silkscreen on fabric, hand dyed, embroidered, painted, and coffee stained.
Signed edition of 10
10.5″ x 24″ (26.67 cm x 60.96 cm)

Click here to purchase this special limited edition print online now.

Entitled Good Folks, this exhibition features an exciting line up of multi-disciplinary artists whose works express a concise cultural identity by conveying shared community values, aesthetics, and a delicate understanding of society and their place in contemporary culture.

While the artists in this exhibition can be linked to folk art, on a more one-dimensional level the name simply celebrates some Good Folks who have contributed to the successful and exciting journey of Show & Tell Gallery for the past two years.

Participating artists include:

Swoon, Monica Canilao, Jeremiah Maddock,
Derek Mehaffey, Felix Berube, and Troy Dugas

If you are interested in being added to the collector preview list for this show please contact the gallery.

1161 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1X3

+ 647.347.3316

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Factory Fresh Gallery Presents: “Seenoevilseenoevilsee evil” A group Show. Jeremiah Maddock, Daniel Trocchio and Amanda Wong (Bushwick, NYC)

Factory Fresh

seenoevilseenoevilsee evil
Jeremiah Maddock, Daniel Trocchio & Amanda Wong
Opening Reception Friday, September 24th from 7pm-10pm

On September 24th, Factory Fresh enters a dreamlike state hosting the unusual art of Jeremiah Maddock, Daniel Trocchio and Amanda Wong.

Brooklyn-based artist Jeremiah Maddock specializes in the hypnotic. His lack of traditional practices, both in his artistic process and his choice of canvas, makes for an intriguing body of work. Devoid of any subscribed intention, Maddock’s art is a trip into the subconscious, where the doodles and absent-minded patterns come alive to form diverse work. His drawings range from sketchy pieces to claustrophobic works that hum with repeated figures against their tarnished frames. Maddock’s inclination towards working on dilapidated materials like stained wood and burnt paper creates a haze of antiquity within which the fruits of his imagination play. His subjects- robots, white faced strangers, and unidentifiable animals- are entrancing but never definable, ringing with an eerie note of nostalgia but skirting any fully formed identity.

Maddock’s work will be complimented by Daniel Trocchio, whose curious and vibrant pieces will not rouse you from this show’s enigmatic dream, and Amanda Wong, who will be creating an installation in collaboration with Maddock featuring video, sound scapes and paintings. All these artists share a desire for a concept to reveal itself through the process of making. Perhaps only to reveal the characters lurking in the basements of our minds.

Join us at Factory Fresh on September 24th for an examination of the unknown.

seenoevilseenoevilsee evil is on view September 24th – October 24th


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“Plenty of Room On the Couch” Group Show at Eastern District

A group show that features the work of a number of street artists, among others.

Eastern District Presents:

“Plenty of Room on the Couch”
Curated by Jesse Lee Denning

Opening reception – Friday June 26th. 7 – 10pm
Special Guest DJ Todd Weinstock a.k.a. Toddlerone (Cubic Zirconia)

The goal of this exhibition is not only to highlight the vast array of talented artists in a summer spectacle but to also allow our peers, friends, and all around art lovers to purchase and own art that is both affordable and quality work!


Featured artists:
-JK6- -Trevor Bittinger- -Colin Stinson- -Spaze Craft 1- -Denise DeSpirito- -John Breiner- -Dan Taylor- -Jesse Jones- -Kyoko Heshiimu- -Becca Roach- -Kelly Vetter- -Steve Smith- -New Colony- -Downer- -Chad Koeplinger- -AKO- -Michelle Tarantelli- -Gillian Goldstein- -Patrick Conlon- -Chip7- -Todd Noble- -Mister Mark- -Eyeball- -Chris O’Donnell- -Andreis Costa- -Zoe Sonenberg- -Carlyle Micklus- -Josh Taylor- -Jay Flanell- -Joshua Abram Howard- -Jeremiah Maddock- -Amandalynn- -Sweety- -Nikki Balls- -Subtexture- -Dosa Kim- -Amy Finkbeiner- -Aunia Kahn- -RROBOTS- -Dennis McNett- -Michael Alan- -Damion Silver- -JesseHectic- -JoKa- -Kristen Ferrell- -Douajee Vang- -Matt Vancura- -Grime- -Evan Cairo- -Parskid- -Justin Lipuma- -Regino Gonzales- -Lyndsey Lesh- -Tim Diet- -Dick Chicken- -Laura Meyers–Fernando Lions- -Sacha Jenkins- -James O’Brian- -John Reardon- -Myles Karr- -Dan Trocchio- -Andre Malcolm- -Leif Parsons- -Duane Bruton- -Bishop203- -Diego Mannino- -Civ-
Hours: 2-8pm Thursday-Sunday


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