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BSA Film Friday: 03.03.17

BSA Film Friday: 03.03.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Icy & Sot “Plastic Shells”
2.  NWO 3 – ABIK “Gestural”
3.  Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 9 / Seattle
4.  NUART / Aberdeen 2017


BSA Special Feature: Icy & Sot “Plastic Shells”

Demonstrating once again that when you are an artist the world is your oyster for creativity, Street Artists Icy & Sot play on a popular folk myth that if you hold a seashell to your ear, usually a conch shell, you will hear the sound of the ocean. The rush and the resonance of swelling and crashing waves upon the sand is captured and forever transmitted by the open cavity of the seashell. In this small conceptual video piece the brothers take you to the beach with a new friend to gather seashells and hold them up to your ear.

New Yorker’s can see a new piece by Icy & Sot that one of them in their studio modeled on BSA a couple of weeks ago tonight in a group show by curators Victoria Latysheva and Melissa McCaig-Welles, as they  present “Trumpomania”. It’s all mixed media from artists in 35 countries, ruminating on you-know-who.

NWO 3 – ABIK “Gestural”

20+ years of graffiti under his belt, Abik is getting abstract.

It’s third in a series of programs he has led and this one will feature work by many of the next generation who are coming to the streets and canvasses with alternatives to the figurative as well as the wild style – sort of a “no wave” approach to walls.

“The name of the event – NWO as New WALL Order – plays with the illuminati & conspiracy theories’ tagging to ironically highlight new horizons of our post-graffiti scene via the signature-wallpaintings,” says Marco Contardi, an Italian free writer and curator.

Previous editions of NWO included artists like 108, 2501, Giorgio Bartocci, CT, Eleuro and Ufocinque, as well as then Abik, Alfano, Alberonero, Aris, Giorgio Bartocci, Centina, G.Loois x Domenico Romeo, Luca Font and Sbagliato Collective.

Call it post-graffiti, or graffuturism, but these guys hope you’ll appreciate the gesture.

Read more in Italian at Gorgo.

Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 9 / Seattle

The quickest shot of LowBros recent wall in Seattle. So brief, yet potent.


NUART / Aberdeen 2017

A promo reel with punchy soundtrack and juicy graphics. Isn’t that what you want? Nuart Aberdeen 2017 delivers.


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Get Up Get Down Presents: James Kalinda and Centina “Atroce” Book Launch and Exhibition. (London, UK)



Get Up Get Down presents James Kalinda & Centina: Atroce book launch and exhibition

Tuesday 13 November 2012, 6-10pm
Power Lunches, 446 Kingsland Road, Dalston , London, E8 4AE
Twitter: @getupgetdownuk
Facebook: Get Up Get Down

Get Up Get Down is delighted to present Italian artists James Kalinda and Centina for the UK launch of the photobook Atroce and their first ever exhibition on British shores.

James Kalinda and Centina are two radical urban artists reviving abandoned buildings throughout Europe with large-scale yet hidden artworks. In contrast to street art convention they consciously and selflessly seek out obscure and inhospitable locations, painting large-scale portraits that will only ever be seen by a handful of people.

Atroce is a collection of vivid and atmospheric photographs that captures not only their finished artworks but also the thrills, spills and dangers that brought them to be. In addition to chronicling the abandoned warehouses, factories, and churches that formed the canvases for this series of subversive portraits, Atroce also exposes the often eerie and bleak surroundings in which these ruins exist.

Combining the thrill of urban exploration with an inherent love for painting, Atroce provides an intriguing insight into the minds of two of Italy’s most provocative urban artists today.

For their first UK exhibition James Kalinda and Centina will present an installation of trademark portraits alongside a selection of original drawings, photographs and videos that helped to form the making of Atroce.

To celebrate its UK release the first 25 copies of the book will include an exclusive limited edition screenprint signed by the artists.
Atroce: James Kalinda & Centina published by HolyMountainBooks.

Atroce book coverRelease Date: UK release – Tuesday 13 November 2012
Edition: 250
Format: 22 x 25 cm
Features: 96 pages, full colour, plastic cover
Language: English (with Italian translations)
RRP: £ 14.99

James Kalinda is a multidisciplinary artist from Parma, Italy. His art can be found on the walls of abandoned buildings across Europe, sometimes alone, sometimes in collaboration with other members of the Italian urban art fraternity. In addition to using abandoned buildings as his canvas, James Kalinda is also a sculptor, videographer and exceptional tattoo artist. He signs his work with an empty comic strip bubble.

Centina is a trained carpenter, artist and self-proclaimed art misfit from Parma, Italy. Neglecting the use of spray paint Centina prefers to use brushes and acrylics to make his dark creations, painted almost always in abandoned buildings throughout Europe. In his own words: “I love drawing in abandoned places, Godless and forgotten by those who once inhabited them.”

About Get Up Get Down

Get Up Get Down (GUGD) was founded by James Finucane and Cristian Valenti in 2012 to exhibit British and European street and contemporary artists in London. With an extensive network of European contacts and a wealth of curatorial expertise GUGD showcases some of Europe’s most exciting and engaging artistic talents through a combination of exhibitions and events across London. Above all, GUGD prides itself on representing cutting-edge artists who endeavour to push boundaries across the contemporary art spectrum.

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