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Amanda Marie and X-O: “Beautiful Times” in Denver

Amanda Marie and X-O: “Beautiful Times” in Denver

Amanda Marie and X-O have begun a road trip across the US – a summer spraycation for two artists who approach public space from different perspectives yet are complimentary somehow. It is not completely unheard of to trek across country painting – just ask any number of freight riders. It is probably kind of rare to name the campaign like and raise money for charity.


Amanda Marie. “Beautiful Times” Greeley, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)

It would be cool if they had some kind tour t-shirt with all the cities on the back:

“Beautiful Times” Summer 2014 Tour






They didn’t do that unfortunately but they make a Kickstarter for it, which is equally smart. So if you are inspired by the work here, go over and drop a dolla in their cup.


Amanda Marie. “Beautiful Times” Greeley, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)

So, “Beautiful Times” is underway in Denver, and they already had a small venue change. Amanda Marie found a wall in nearby Greeley, and she began what X-O described as “quickly smashing a wall with one of her dreamy dream scopes.” While she was busy doing that, X-O was scoping for random wood to build his piece, or what he calls doing “recon”.

“I was busy doing recon to collect the wood and other random materials necessary for building my ‘Lost Object’ piece in the garden of Futuristic Films in Denver.  Whilst grabbing my coffee at the local caffeine haven, Crema Coffee, owner Noah Price offered a tour of a space across the street where they are starting a large bar and food truck renovation… looks amazing… and had pretty much everything X-O might ever dream of for materials … recon successful,” he reports.

So here you can see Amanda at work on her dreamy dream scope and X-O on his “Lost Object” piece. Looks like beautiful times indeed.


Amanda Marie with stencils scattered about. “Beautiful Times” Greeley, Colorado. (photo © Amanda Marie)


Amanda Marie. “Beautiful Times” Greeley, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)


X-O. Process shot. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)


X-O. Process shot. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)


X-O. Process shot. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)


X-O. Process shot. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Joe Lee Parker)


 X-O. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Brandon Carter)


Amanda Marie. Mural in progress. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Brandon Carter)


Amanda Marie. Mural in progress. Night shot. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Brandon Carter)


X-O. Detail. “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Brandon Carter)


X-O “Beautiful Times” Futuristic Films. Denver, Colorado. (photo © Brandon Carter)

“Beautiful Times” is a collaborative project between artists Amanda Marie and X-O. Their goal is to raise awareness about the world we live in and to protect our children and wild flowers. To learn more about “Beautiful Times” Click HERE. To donate HERE.

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Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014

Street Artists At The Fairs For Armory Week NYC 2014


Not quite spring, the Art Fairs are arriving in New York ahead of the tulips. We strolled the impossibly long aisles and peered into the booths to find the folks who have at other times been called “Street Artists”. This weekend they’ll be fine artists, and the list is quite a bit longer than years past as the professionalization of the street continues.

Shows like the Armory, Scope, Volta, and Fountain are good testing venues to see the commercial viability for many of these artists and some have foregone representation – preferring to foot the bill on their own. Since walking the streets to see their work requires multiple layers and hats and gloves – traipsing through the fairs can be far preferable than dirty old Brooklyn streets. It’s also nice to see how some of these folks look in a tie or a blouse – or even just hit a comb. Here below we include some possible gems for you to hunt down.



Pace Prints

How & Nosm at Pier 92


How Nosm at Pace Prints (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For The Armory Show Art Fair location, dates, times, booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Andenken Gallery

Amanda Marie, VINZ


Vinz at Andenken Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Black Book Gallery

Judith Supine, WK Interact, Ben Eine, Cycle, James Reka, Cope2, Indie184, Shepard Fairey


Judith Supine at Black Book Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

C.A.V.E. Gallery

PEETA, Pure Evil


Pure Evil at C.A.V.E. Gallery (image courtesy the artist)

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Speedy Graphito, Mark Kenkins, RERO


Speedy Graphito at Fabien Castanier Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Fuchs Projects

Rafael Fuchs, Aakash Nihalini, Skewville


Skewville at Fuchs Projects (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Krause Gallery

Ben Frost, Hanksy


Ben Frost at Krause Gallery (image courtesy the gallery)

Moniker Projects

Beau Stanton, Ben Eine, David Shillinglaw, Greg Lamarche, Jon Burgerman, Pam Glew, Ron English,  Muffinhead, Keira Rathbone.


David Shillinglaw at Moniker Projects (image courtesy the artist)

Natalie Kates Projects

Skullphone, Swoon


Skullphone at Natalie Kates Projects (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ThinkSpace Gallery

Know Hope


Know Hope at ThinkSpace (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Vertical Gallery

Stormie Mills, My Dog Sighs


Stormie Mills at Vertical Galler (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For SCOPE Art Fair location, dates, times, booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Jonathan LeVine Gallery



Pose at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (image courtesy the artist)

For VOLTA NY Art Fair location, dates, times and booth numbers, etc… click HERE



Fumeroism, Jay Shells, Leon Reid IV, Vicki DaSilva are all showing at Fountain this year


Vicki DaSilva at Fountain (image courtesy the artist)


Fumero at Fountain (image © Jaime Rojo)

Urban Folk Art

Adam Suerte


Adam Suerte (courtesy Urban Folk Art)

Street Art Installation curated by Mighty Tanaka

Alex Emmert will be curating the Street Art Installation and he has invited Chris Stain, Alice Mizrachi, Skewville, Cake, Chris RWK, Joe Iurato, Rubin, EKG, Gilf!, Omen and LNY.


Rubin will be part of the installation of Street Artists at Fountain Art Fair (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For Fountain Art Fair location, dates, times, etc…click HERE


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