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BSA Does Banksy (New Doc and Book Projects)

BSA Does Banksy (New Doc and Book Projects)

BSA founders appear in new documentary on HBO debuting November 17 and write the introduction for new book on world’s best known elusive street artist.


Both “Banksy Does New York” and “Banksy In New York” debut one year after the elusive British street artist known as Banksy launched a self-proclaimed month-long residency in New York City, the city that spawned the modern graffiti and Street Art movement.

Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, founders of and authors of Brooklyn Street Art and Street Art New York (Prestel/Random House) and over 200 global street art articles on The Huffington Post and French and Spanish subsidiaries, help set the tone for the story in the new documentary BANKSY DOES NEW YORK which premiered in New York City this Friday night (9/14) at the DOC NYC festival and will debut nationwide Monday November 17th at 9pm on HBO.

“We are completely honored that director Chris Moukarbel and producer Jack Turner interviewed us first for this important piece of modern street art storytelling because we were really able to tell it from the perspective of New Yorkers who cover the scene daily from the street,” says Harrington, Editor in Chief.

The film engages everyday New Yorkers, street art fans, Banksy hunters, and general mainstream media as well as experts on the present day graffiti and street art scene like photographer Luna Park, blogger RJ Rushmore (Vandalog), culture critic and curator Carlo McCormick, editor Hrag Vartanian of Hyperallergic, and artist/blogger Robert Stevens.


A second Banksy-related project debuting at the same time is the release of the book, BANKSY IN NEW YORK by Ray Mock, founder of the independent publisher Carnage NYC, who has been documenting street art and graffiti in New York and around the world for almost 10 years. The book contains Mock’s personal account and photographs of the month-long installation.


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