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Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery Presents: “Tales From the City” (Oakland, CA)

Tales From the City

Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery
“Tales From the City”
New Works By Abno, Dr. Sex and Jurne

Opening Reception: July 16th @ 7pm
Exhibition Dates: July 16th  – August 8th

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery is honored to be exhibiting the work of 3 talented and very different artists. Abno, Dr. Sex and Jurne each come from a traditional graffiti background, and their artistic endeavors in the public forum have taken them all over the country and world. They’ve left their mark on viewers as creators of large scale works that in essence are “free”– free to be viewed, in their natural state, and are also free of charge. These works became visions of risk, courage, release and the pursuit of public display.
Graffiti is ego driven, where a name becomes a marker of style, skill, purpose and meaning. “Tales From the City” is built around each artist’s approach to displaying their work on gallery walls and offers yet another environment to be explored. Working in the streets comes at a high personal price and can be a huge undertaking filled with it’s own prizes and penalties.  As these artists create work for the gallery they encounter new a energy, new rules and new criticisms.
Abno, Dr. Sex, and Jurne’s “Tales From the City” is a celebration of years of struggle, success, failure, fun and above all good old fashioned hard work. It is also a nod to the future, without compromise. The walls of the city are always there for the painting– lets see what these artists do with a new opportunity inside our gallery.

This exhibition is also in celebration of our 2 yr. Anniversary @ Old Crow Tattoo
Music @ 8pm till later than you expect…
Live Music Performances  by

Mortar and Pestle
Metal Mother
Echo Location
Kool Kid Kreoyla
I.Ameni of the Attik
The Banana Juice Bunch
Shameless Seamus & the Aimless Amos’s

21+ 362 Grand Ave Oakland CA

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