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Fun Friday 01.21.11


1. Ellis G Solo Show Tonight in Dumbo
2. Futura Rocks the New Futura Tag on a Window and His New 12 oz. Prophet Video
3. Graffiti Photographer John Naar Expounds on Video – Re-Release of “Faith of Graffiti”
4. Area Grandmother Reveals That She is Banksy
5. Shepard and DEVO: The Big Picture Tomorrow

Ellis G @ Mighty Tanaka Tonight in Brooklyn


There is only one Ellis G and he’s been banging out these hand-traced silhouettes across the city for a good run, now.  With a deft hand the Brooklyn Street Artist literally draws your attention to shadow and light, using the cityscape and chalk. Over time his photos of his work have taking on a poignancy because they capture this truly temporary, almost ethereal shadowing of elongated, foreshortened, and otherwise curiously distorted urban structures – freezing them for a second before they fade into the gritty ethers.  Tonight he’ll be performing live at his opening at Mighty Tanaka.

Brooklyn-Street-Art-2-Ellis-G-Permanently-Temporary-Mighty-TenakaAll photos Ellis G  (courtesy of the gallery)

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 21st, 2011, 6:00PM – 9:00PM – MORE HERE


“This is a Message from Futura!” The 12oz Prophet VIDEO

We are really excited to see Brooklyn’s own Futura in da bloghouse! Props to the 12 oz crew for this warm and natural portrayal.

Check out this exclusive window tag by Futura that he sent for you, the BSA family…

brooklyn-street-art-futura-dosmil-01-11-web“Condensation tagging could be the next biggest thing,” he says (photo © FUTURADOSMIL)

Check his Flickr for more goodies and read the BSA interview with FUTURADOSMIL on The Huffington Post:


Gorgeous Insights from Photographer John Naar (VIDEO)

On the occasion Wooster Collective’s re-release of Jon Naar’s and Norman Mailer’s seminal 1970s book “Faith of Grafitti” as part of their “Special Edition” series, here’s a video of Jon Naar courtesy of Stussy.


Area Grandmother Comes Forward As ‘Banksy’

Reportage courtesy of Picture 2


“LONDON—At a press conference Tuesday, 89-year-old Rose Biggin, a grandmother from the Camden Town neighborhood of North London, announced that she was in fact the internationally renowned graffiti artist known only as Banksy. “Those drawings? Oh, yes, those are mine,” said the diminutive octogenarian, who admitted to scaling buildings and climbing fences in order to put up life-sized stenciled images that satirize modern society’s mores and its inherent political power structures. “It sure does help to pass the time.” Biggin then returned home, where along with some of her “dearest friends,” she sipped tea, sampled some nice ginger cake, and planned the necessary destruction of dominant capitalist paradigms.” Courtesy of The Onion


Geniuses: Shepard Fairey and Mark Mothersbaugh

brooklyn-street-art-shepard-fairey-Mark Mothersbaugh-subliminal-projectsReadying for his show tomorrow for “The Big Picture” at Subliminal Projects with the ordained minister in the Church of the Subgenius, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mr. Fairey appears so relaxed and personable in this video shot for a completely different show.

Damn, these people are so busy! I’m crawling around under the bed looking for a lost sock and Shepard’s over there on the left coast making art to address “the dialogue about power and control in society” and having an art show with the King of DEVO.

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Interview: Os Gemeos, Futura & Martha Cooper At PS 11 In NYC: Day 3

Interview: Os Gemeos, Futura & Martha Cooper At PS 11 In NYC: Day 3

Gustavo Talks About New York and Colors, While Martha Cooper Shows You Her Os Gemeos Shirt Designed by a Friend of the Twins

Os Gemeos and Futura (© Jaime Rojo)

Os Gemeos and Futura (© Jaime Rojo)

The Twins were hoisted into the air again today at PS11, where they are painting a huge kid mural as a gift to the neighborhood – and there were plenty of huge kids around today looking up at their work.  While Futura’s son, a photographer and video guy himself, hung out below, his dad continued the collaboration in the bucket above. We got to talk with Gustavo on a break for a couple of minutes with one his heroes, Martha Cooper, in the school yard out back.

BSA: When did you arrive in New York?
Gustavo: Here in New York, a week ago.

BSA: You are always traveling – When do you have time to go to Brazil and relax?
Gustavo: We were in Brazil one month ago and we started traveling again and we have been traveling for about a month.

BSA: You came straight from San Diego and the “Viva La Revolucion” show?
Gustavo: No, we went from San Diego to San Francisco, then here.

BSA: What is the thing you like the most about painting outside?
Gustavo: The relationship between the art and the public. We like to do free paintings for the public.

BSA: What motivates you personally when you are painting and you see people are admiring …when you go home and go to sleep how do you feel about your work?
Gustavo: We don’t know how to talk about this because we are very “inside” of our paintings.  It is difficult for us to go outside and see what is happening. We don’t know, we are really really very inside of what we are painting.  But we know that a lot of people are happy with the work we do. They like it. We know the people are feeling happy, like the neighbors here, they really love it.

They say, “Hey you guys have to paint the whole neighborhood, and make more pieces.” People like this. People are missing this. You know, New York back in the days was more colorful. Now everything is grey.

BSA: So is that why you paint so colorfully? Or is it because you are from Brazil?
Gustavo: The cities have to be all colors.  The whole city has to be in color. Everything, the streets, everything.

BSA: Do you feel very welcome in New York City?
Gustavo: Oh yes, very welcome. There are some cities that are very special and New York is very special for us.


Gustavo and one of his inspirations, Martha Cooper (© Jaime Rojo)

BSA: Do you consider yourselves cultural ambassadors from Brazil or do you see yourself more as “World” painters?
Gustavo: We are just two guys, Brazilian brothers, artists that like to paint.  People can say what they want. I don’t care. We always try to not just put our name, but Brazil’s name out there wherever we go to do something.  Down there (Brazil) we also have some nice artists, not only us; People who are really good.  And we also show respect because respect is the base of everything.

BSA: Can you talk about this piece with Futura? What is the relationship between all the flags and the kid?
It’s difficult to say because we are still in process, you know.  We are still working. Maybe later we can explain it better.

BSA: So you are continuing to improvise on the piece even now? You do not have a set plan?
Gustavo: The drawing yes, but the way we paint is all improvised.

Martha Cooper Wearing The Os Gemeos TShirt. (© Jaime Rojo)

Martha Cooper Wearing The Os Gemeos T-Shirt Designed by a Friend of the Twins . (© Jaime Rojo)

BSA to Martha Cooper: How are you enjoying this experience?
Martha Cooper: Oh I love it. I love to see them work you know. It’s my favorite thing. And they are so cute. They are the most adorable twins.

BSA: When did you meet them first?
You know I met them in Germany about 2004 at some Street Art event when Hip-Hop Files came out. They were actually quite a bit younger then.  See this shirt I’m wearing?  Gustavo was wearing it in Miami last fall, I admired it and he gave it to me. This shirt is covered with their pieces and it was designed by one of their friends.

Os Gemeos and Futura (© Jaime Rojo)

Os Gemeos and Futura (© Jaime Rojo)

AKANYC and 12ozProphet are both design studios involved in this project.

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