Public Interventions: Swings and Hammocks Make People Really Happy

Summertime, and the Swinging is Easy


Screenshot of swing installation project ( © Jeff Waldman)

Swinging over to the topics of public art and public engagement for a minute, here are two artists doing the heavy labor of providing a place to relax, to access the reverie of the sky and leaves and a moment of solitude.  Appearing to be gorilla actions acting independently of one another on two different continents, artists Jeff Waldman and Narcelio Grud were inspired to ask friends help them place swings and hammocks in public places for people to enjoy. The process and results are here in some screen shots of the videos.


Screenshot of swing installation project ( © Jeff Waldman)

Swings: Los Angeles, by Jeff Waldman

The L.A. chapter of something called The Awesome Foundation awarded a grant to install $1000 worth of swings throughout Los Angeles. In spots all over the city conceptual artist Jeff Waldman installed a series of illegal swings and, judging from this video, Los Angelinos loved them.


Screenshot of Jeff Waldman and friends doing their swing installation project ( © Jeff Waldman)

Narcelio Grud: Brazilian Hammock Interventions

In another Urban “intervention” created by Brazilian artist Narcelio Grud with the traditional Braxilian hammock, displayed in public spaces in European cities for the free interaction with the population.


Screenshot of hammock installation project ( © Narcelio Grud)

Alternating between tentative to full body immersion in the simple movement, it looks like it is a lot of fun for people to interact with this installation.


Screenshot of hammock installation project ( © Narcelio Grud)

Here we see hammocks installed in the Manchester Town Centre in England. Lindenberg Munroe captured the experiences on this video.


Screenshot of hammock installation project ( © Narcelio Grud)

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