CRKSHNK Cadaver Blows Nose Behind Porthole: Dispatch From Isolation # 23

These portholes that pop up on walls in New York are often more spooky than you might expect; their framing so realistic, their contents so perplexing.

At first these inner views appear as a subtle shift from the windows, vents and grates that Street Artist Dan Witz has populated with his darkly realistic figurative paintings for many years, and these by CRKSHNK have a fictional character, a forlorn or puzzled demeanor.

CRKSHNK (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Others veer off into science surreality, macabre, with mounds of flesh pocked with tufts of hair. Melted together and unhuman, they can be disturbingly sensual, sexual.

Here CRKSHNK implies that this married fellow doesn’t know that he’s already dead. Blowing his nose. Hoping this virus doesn’t get ’em.