HUGE Inside and Out: “Magic City” Says Goodbye to Stockholm

Magic City has a HUGE plan this weekend, the last great hurrah in Stockholm before it packs up and moves to the next city. Along with special programming and guests and late nights at the museum, Daniel Fahlström aka “Huge”, created a new signature helium balloon wall inside the space to mark the events.

A graffiti writer since age ten who grew up from north of the city, HUGE painted inside the exhibition as we all say goodbye to this wide-ranging educational, entertaining, and insightful take on a vast global graffiti and Street Art scene that continues to grow and change.

Huge. Stockholm Graffiti Wall of Fame. Stockholm, Sweden. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Luckily for us, BSA received some great tips about where to check out the local scene and even a tour yesterday with Street Artist Vegan Flava through some of the cuttier slices of the Stockholm margins – complete with mean barking junkyard dogs and really friendly scrap metal recyclers – AND we caught this HUGE piece in the wild, so to speak.

With both of these piece to post, it’s a perfect circuit of indoor/outdoor art practice to end this Magic City note on.

Huge. Magic City Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden. (photo © Jaime Rojo)