Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

A sort of quiet day for much of Latin America today as it is Good Friday and many observe it, also many are reflecting on the passing of writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez yesterday. Colombia has declared three days of national mourning for this literary giant; Truly he was a storyteller globally known and celebrated. His magical realism was filled with humor and metaphor, taking it just one step further.

Muralists and painters have relied upon this third eye to transcend the mere mundanity of daily existence as well, and we meditate today on the gifts of creativity that everyone can access to discover at least a little magic in life. Each one of these videos in some way make us think of Garcia Marquez and his legacy to us as a master storyteller.

Now screening :

1. David De La Mano at Memorie Urbane
2. Vero Rivera On a Doorway in Santurce
3. Vexta: Life / Death / Life in Mexico City

BSA Special Feature: David De La Mano at Memorie Urbane

Shot by The Blind Eye Factory, this small personal interlude is the first of two videos showing the small brush painting style of muralists. David De La Mano is creating here an interconnected world of fantasy with silhouettes at the Memorie Urbane Festival currently happening in Gaeta, Italy.


Vero Rivera On a Doorway in Santurce

Tost Films celebrates their first year with this six day installation with one artist, Vero Rivera and one small brush on one portal. Where it leads we do not know.


Vexta: Life / Death / Life

In a country known for its love of magic realism, and the home of Gabriel Garcia Marquez for three decades, Vexta contemplates the cycle of life and death and life in Mexico City.