BSA Film Friday: 01.03.14



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. “SOMOS LUZ” – Boa Mistura in Panamá City
2. Giulio Vesprini by Alessandro Moglie
3. Ox Alien x Spider Tag in Rotterdam
4. Borondo in Rome with some Piety from The Blind Eye Factory

BSA Special Feature: “SOMOS LUZ” – Boa Mistura

We start off the BSA Film Friday for 2014 with a newly released story about the majority.

That is, the poor. Somehow despite the miracles and wealth and technological breakthroughs of the modern age we have allowed the majority of our brothers and sisters and neighbors around the globe to live in harsher conditions and mounting insecurity.

Madrid-based Street Art quartet Boa Mistura created a project they call SOMOS LUZ when they created a transformative piece of art taking over an entire housing project building in Panamá City. Their short documentary is a thoughtful examination  that features daily scenes, observations on the political climate, the militarization of life, crime, the brutal cost of daily life.

As any mature artist will likely tell you, the work doesn’t resound so deeply until you have some skin in the game, and Boa Mistura make a serious study to learn from the people in El Chorrillo whose 50 homes they paint.

In the process, they bring a lot to light.


Giulio Vesprini by Alessandro Moglie

While painting a mural in Montegranaro for an event called Casa Museo, artist Giulio Vesprini was happy to have some musical accompaniment. Also, some interpretive dance to keep spirits high.


Ox Alien x Spider Tag in Rotterdam

With only six hours to spend in Rotterdam, Spidertag met up with Ox in December to do three collaborative works despite an ongoing spate of rain. The geometric interventions balance the styles of the two Street Artists, each preferring to let the lines do the talking.

Borondo in Rome with some Piety from The Blind Eye Factory

Two languid figures in repose are made from deliberate and raw impressionist swaths, relaxing in one anothers’ company across a large wall in composition entitled “Piedad”. See how Barondo moves along and defines the figures on this wall for the Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz, and cross yourself.