Inoperable Gallery Presents: JAZ “Cult To The Character” (Vienna, Austria)


May 22nd, 2013


aka FRANCO FASSOLI (Buenos Aires, 1981)

After being nicknamed JAZZ by his BMX and skating friends in the late 90′s, to finally erase the second Z and became JAZ, the Argentinian artist Franco Fassoli has changed and evolved his art in many ways. Inspired by his work in scenography, and moving away from his Graffiti back ground, he felt free to experiment with different ways of painting, and he became
more ambitious in scale and complexity in his peaces. He adopted new materials as asphaltic paint, petrol, tar and lime, reexamining a new merge between fine arts and street angst. His unique style resembles delicate watercolor paintings inspired by many sorts of concepts, from socio political sources to images of his childhood. The communication with the public space and the people has always been one of the most important things for JAZ. Mirrored images gives metaphoric violence in his pieces, symmetrical contrasts between tension and static, making the painting more expressive, and allowing him to create new and strained relationship with the public. Jaz is nowadays a recognized artist and has exposed extensively around the world, being part of Art Basel Miami, G40 Richmond, Living Walls Atlanta, Latir Latino Lima, Open Walls Baltimore, Mamutt México City and Meeting of Styles Buenos Aires.