Mighty Tanaka Presents: Hellbent “Even Romantics Love Violence” Solo Exhibition. (Brooklyn, NY)

Opening on Friday, May 10th, is our first solo show with acclaimed NYC street artist, Hellbent. He has created a new and bold body of work for this show that expresses his new deconstructed approach to his artwork. Utilizing a variety of techniques, this show will keep you hooked as his pieces have a natural draw. We hope to see you at the opening!

Opening Friday, May 10th, 6pm – 9pm.
Mighty Tanaka presents:Even Romantics Love Violence
A Solo Show by Hellbent

What happens when you take a step out of your comfort zone and explore something new? Do you get excited and filled with adventure? Or perhaps you grow frustrated, trying to find your way back to familiar surroundings? We all react differently in the face of adversity. Therein lies the challenge of adapting to untested techniques in order to create a fresh and bold style of artwork. This sort of personal struggle ushers in a period of mental evolution, where one sheds away a tried process and adapts to something more profound and relevant. Mighty Tanaka is excited to bring you our next show, Even Romantics Love Violence, featuring the deconstructed abstractions by NYC Street Art powerhouse, Hellbent. Over the years, he has honed a distinct style on the streets of New York City, however now he looks to spread his wings and share the dynamic new directions he is taking his art.