Pure Evil Gallery Presents: Deedee Cheriel “Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing” (London, UK)

From a previous career playing in seminal bands, Los Angeles based artist Deedee Cheriel has evolved into an acclaimed and sought-after street artist and one of the genre’s few female success stories. Her first solo exhibition in the UK – Little Spirit and the Infinite Longing – utilizes seemingly disparate influences including Indian temple imagery, punk, feminism and naturalism, set within a landscape inspired by a childhood amidst the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest United States.

These unique visual narratives convey an unsettled sense of yearning and the complexities inherent in human connection. The images are created with Cheriel’s signature ‘pop’ multi-colored stripes on canvases and posters, murals and billboards with techniques acquired as a street artist, filmmaker and during her time as a touring musician.
With nuances of East Indian folk art, Cheriel’s use of bold elements – both urban and natural, as well as pop culture – suggest an ability to find commonalities and relationships between self and surroundings. Trees reach down towards woodland creatures, animated by life forces within; life-changing journeys are undertaken with spiritual intent. These are stories of loss, hope and inspiration, profound reminders of the very things that inevitably confirm our common humanity and our ultimate quest for connection.