Ambush Gallery Presents: “In Our Nature” An art exhibition featuring New Paintings & Mural Installations by Beastman & Phibs (Sydney, Australia)

Entwined in the apparent randomness of nature are strict laws governed by mathematical order. Control, geometry, symmetry.  Entwined in the flourish and flair of Phibs and Beastman’s signature artworks are the same elements. Control in their masterful application of aerosol paint, geometry that pulls together the flourish and flair of their complimentary and well-honed aesthetics, and symmetry in their personal and professional lives. As friends, studio mates and collaborators, Phibs and Beastman reflect the organic inspiration of their artworks.
In Our Nature, then, is an apt and intriguing concept for the pair’s latest collaborative exhibition. Launching Friday 22 March, 6 pm at aMBUSH Gallery, the show comprises new paintings on mounted wood that further explore nature’s boundless influence and capacity to inspire. Twisting together both real and imagined colours, patterns and life forms encapsulated by their organic references, Phibs and Beastman’s vibrant portrayals of nature’s enigma will capture your attention, and the painstaking intricacy of their works will keep it, long after the exhibition has been packed away.