See One Solo Show “Technicolor Daydreams” at Brooklyn Oenology (Brooklyn,NY)

See One

See One

Enjoy the 2nd solo show and the opening reception of Brooklyn Oenology’s 2011 winning wine label artist, SEE ONE. This past Spring, Williamsburg Winery, Brooklyn Oenology held a competition for artists to have thier artwork voted on by their winery members to be selected as the cover of a new bottle of wine. My painting won this competition of the show is coming up soon.

Artist Statement:

In 2009 I developed my current painting style, known as “Shards”, a fluid, transforming, jagged pattern named after broken shards of glass.

An illustrator at heart, my current work is a sort of departure while heavily combining my other influences, Graffiti and Street art into this vision.This signifies a shift in my artistic tastes of creation as I concentrate on these distinct weaving, layered forms.

The process to creating my work is less about the subject but more about the flow, color story, energy, layering and the elusive attempt to capture movement through graffiti-esque forms and lines. I’ve always been one to experiment with techniques, multiple types of paint or ink and in these paintings, have continued that. Most paintings are textural, holding peaks, dips and scrapes forming various surfaces. Spray paint is always on hand as it helps creates the raw energy and movement I desire. While Collage maintains the building of layers, provide depth and helping to break the eye away from the rest of what is going on to look beneath the surface.