Moving Planet: Beyond Fossil Fuels

Beginning today,  is launching an international campaign to raise awareness on carbon emissions and climate change a number of Street Artists were invited to illustrate, with their art the relationship we have with fossil fuels.

Moving Planet – September 24th, 2011: A Day to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels

Insert_Here – Eve Mosher

Artist’s statement: “Insert__Here” is an interactive public art project conceived by Eve Mosher and realized with The project capitalizes on community awareness of place and optimism around climate change solutions. The project invites people to place bold yellow “Insert_Here” arrows in locations in their community where they want to “insert” a climate change solution. For example “Insert bike lane Here” “Insert community garden Here”, “Insert solar panels Here”, Insert trees Here”. By placing these arrows along people’s daily migratory paths, individuals and groups can share their proposed solutions with the greater community.

Read our article on coal with Jetsonorama’s photos of his installations in The Navajo Nation and his words explaining this project:

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