Pawn Works Gallery Presents: Clown Soldier ‘The Human Cannonball’ (Chicago, ILL)

Clown Soldier

‘The Human Cannon Ball’

Clown Soldier is an explosion of absurdity wheatpasted onto a wall near you. Plunging into the outer depths of the concrete jungle, firing a juxtaposition of images and landing in the urban street art scene. The incongruity inside the images reflects the incongruity outside the images: art in and of the urban landscape.  The artist is interested in chance and the role chance plays in his work.  Cut up and re-appropriation is the ever-present theme.  His style is both easily recognizable and beyond the purview of recognizable narrative.

Formally trained in the arts, Clown Soldier brings to the streets an approach devoid of any specific political message or agenda and simply leaves the viewer to take away what they will from what they see.

With a new body of work featuring original paintings and book collages, Clown Soldier is making noise in Chicago for the very first time though he has shown work in the past at the NYSAT New York Street Advertising Takeover-Public Ad Campaign 2009Leo Kesting Gallery “Dead Letter Playground” New York, NY 2010 Living Walls Conference Atlanta, GA 2010 TOSAT Torronto Street Advertising Takeover 2010 Crewest Gallery “Street Degrees of Seperation” LA 2010Fountain Art Fair NY 2010 Munch Gallery “To Japan with Love” 2011 MANY (Murals Around New York)  Vandalog Up Close And Personal New York, NY, most recently.

We will be hosting an event on Friday June 24 from 7-11pm for Clown Soldier: ‘The Human Cannon Ball’ at Pawn Works; Artist will in attendance.

Pawn Works
1050 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622