The New York Public Library Presents: “Eye on the Wall: Observations on Street Art,” with Luna Park (Manhattan, NY)

Luna Park

An unruly stepchild of the graffiti era, street art is a global art movement well into its third decade and still going strong.  While graffiti is traditionally limited to the aerosol arts, street art knows no such boundaries.  Street artists make full use of traditional as well as digital media and are equally as likely to be self-taught as classically trained artists.

Regardless of its origins, all street art is united in the fight against time, the elements, property owners and the general public, all forces which conspire to varying degrees towards eradicating it.  Street art, therefore, is an ephemeral art form, largely unseen outside the circle of practitioners and followers.  Is it any wonder that it goes unnoticed, being but one component in an increasingly oversaturated, urban landscape?

Join street art photographer Luna Park for a slideshow and discussion of works by some of the most talented artists working the streets.

Mid-Manhattan Library

455 Fifth Avenue (at 40th Street)
New York, NY 10016-0122
(212) 340-0863