MOMO: Public/Private are Two Sides of the Door

Here’s a question to the Street Artists out there; Have you ever knocked on the door before putting a wheatpaste or stencil or sticker on it? The work you put up is for the public to see, but what if “the public” who lives inside asked you to come in?

It sounds crazy – but it DOES happen. Last summer one Brooklyn landlord snagged two street artists on two occasions and paid them to put work up on walls inside her house – artists whose work has appeared on BSA with some regularity in the last 12 months.  When Street Artist MOMO was invited to a residency program in Key West, Florida last year, he decided to try out a similar experiment and now some people are living with his work every day. In his own words:

“I was curious to try creating artwork for a sampling of “the public” for free and with no obligations, like I’d do in the street, but more directly.  I really don’t know the public I’m working for when I make things anonymously, and often the idea of public becomes mythic and hazy.  This seemed like a way to learn what different people thought of my work, and to experience some pressure from the close contact” MOMO

brooklyn-street-art-momo“You touch my Miami and I’ma bite you, Future Boy,” MOMO (photo © MOMO)

To continue reading and to see more images of MOMO’s project please click on the link below:

Public Art in Private Spaces

An experiment to take “Public Art” deeper; right into peoples homes and intimate spaces.