PaperGirl-NY: Free Art on The Street NOW!

If you are walking through NYC today and a stranger offers you a rolled tube of paper, you might normally wrestle them to the ground, sit on them and call Officer McKlusky. No you wouldn’t, but some people who live in a permanent state of Orange Alert would.

PaperGirl is bringing a new way to experience Street Art to New York this month. Originally debuted in Berlin five years ago the project also offers you something to take home, if you are lucky.

Don’t call the police, take the art! The concept behind this project is very simple: Instead of experiencing street art as traditional wheat paste on a wall you will be able to take the art being handed to you on the street for free. No Gimmicks. No Bull. No Games. Just ART for those who love ART.

The pieces to be distributed have been collected from artists around the world who support the project and the concept behind the project. The art has been documented and after a brief gallery show the art is rolled up and bound with an information band on the project and handed over to strangers on the streets.

Please take a minute to read the full press release on the project after this beautiful video.

We are very excited to debut PaperGirl-NY to New York City! PaperGirl-Albany was a good practice run for the amazing event that will take place at the Dumbo Art Center from August 24-25 and at The Armory from August 27-29. The show will also be in Albany at the Marketplace Gallery from September 3-6 as a part of a show that will also include Chris Stain, Billy Mode, and Scout in addition to other artists. A short film on PaperGirl-Albany has been freshly released. The link is at the bottom of the page.

PaperGirl-NY (PaperGirl-Albany combined with the newly formed PaperGirl-NYC) 2010 will include at least 90 artists from 11 countries. The art will be exhibited for 8 days in 3 galleries and will be distributed in the 2 cities of Albany and New York. The work from all the artists who contributed will be shown in all three galleries, and after the last show the art is rolled up (each roll has a little bit of variety of artists and mediums), and the rolls of art are distributed at random to the streets of New York and Albany. Nothing is asked for in return, and this art cannot be bought.

We are incredibly excited for this year’s PaperGirl-NY, and we are already planning a bigger and better show for next year.
I will keep you informed about our progession, and I will send you next year’s film as well.
Thank you for support the most creative kinds of art. This has been the most exciting thing that I’ve ever been involved with.

∆∆ Sina B. Hickey ∆∆
∆∆ PaperGirl-NYState ∆∆
Founder and Lead Organizer
Bringing Art from the Gallery to the Street