Logan Hicks in Paris Spraying Stencils on the Street for Show

The Bearded Brooklyn Brotherman Readies His Solo Show at Galerie Itinerrance


Sunday afternoon stencil artist Logan Hicks had to “take it outside” – so often the case with artists who use cans to create.

The artist who employs the dissapearing
The artist who celebrates the vanishing point perspective is framed here by the streetscape of Paris.

His intricately cut stencils were there for any passerby to see as Logan set up shop on the street, carefully placing layer after layer, strategically sticking a bit of blue gaffers tape here and there to keep them in place, and wielding well-rendered plumes of colored aerosol above the templates to fill the empty shapes.




Logan Hicks

A classic stencil painting  by Logan Hicks celebrates the symmetry and rhythm of shape and pattern in this image of subway platforms.

Logan showing one of his newest pieces, "Life Line"

Logan showing one of his newest pieces, “Life Line”

Logan HicksBrooklyn-Street-Art-Logan-Hicks-WEB-itinerrance-June2010_3716

Logan Hicks

"The Long Road" by Logan Hicks
“The Long Road” by Logan Hicks

By nightfall he finished preparing his latest pieces, including his near classic “The Long Road” and a new addition “Life Line”.  Today he’s taking it inside to paint a mural inside the gallery.



Galerie Itinerrance

(images courtesy of and copyright of Itinerrance and Logan Hicks)