Poster Boy: Toilet Humor and Political Critique – Interview on Reuters

Poster Boy (close up)

Poster Boy (close up) (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

To promote the new Poster Boy book – he(they) have done an interview with Reuters News Service

Q: What are you saying? Is yours basically an anti-corporate, anti-consumer message?

Poster Boy: “It’s anti-consumerism and anti-copyright. It’s nothing violent, it’s not anarchism, it’s more about healthy communication. A majority of the Poster Boy stuff is satire, using humor to address issues that aren’t humorous. Some pieces are straight-up toilet humor, others are legitimate political critique.

Q: Is “culture-jamming” always left-wing?

Poster Boy: “There are not many conservatives that do street art. The nature of it, the lack of respect for property, usually (goes hand in hand) with left ideas. It’s vandalism, damage of property, but it’s more that there is a political agenda.”

Q: A lot of the posters are mash-ups of movie ads, using faces like Jack Black from “Tropic Thunder” on a “Gossip Girl” poster. What are you saying about celebrity?

Poster Boy: People let fame get to their head. This is a way of denying that. For me, it’s about being able to have a conversation with my environment and with public advertising. If they have a right to say something on public walls then I should have a right to say something back.”

more of the interview here (edited by Paul Simao)

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