Images of the Week 11.08.09

Brooklyn Street Art – Our Weekly Interview With the Streets

Man on the street by Specter (photo Jaime Rojo)

Specter (detail)
Specter (detail) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Specter (detail)
Specter (detail) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Vintage Botanical Elbow Toe
Vintage botanical by Elbow Toe (photo Jaime Rojo)

“And, but, see, the thing is, the lady at the desk didn’t even know that I had about a thousand dollar bills rolled up in my back pocket and I could of bought any of those pictures.  She just looked at me and told me I couldn’t come in”. (Pickett) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Damon Ginandes
The new Damon Ginandes figures look with ennui and curiosity at the ebullient high school students passing by. (photo Jaime Rojo)

Damon Ginandes (detail)
Damon Ginandes (detail) (photo Jaime Rojo)

She was hiding inside a phone booth
Found this little lady hiding inside a phone booth (photo Jaime Rojo)

MBW is delving back to the early days of comedy and cinema with this portrait of Charlie Chapman (photo Jaime Rojo)