Autumn in New York: Chris Stain New Print for “Primary Flight”

The leaves are blowing wildly around in the wind and the rain – and on dry crisp sunny days you can rake them into a pile in the park and crash into them with other kids, pretending you are a subway rat climbing through a mountain of trash.

Oops, sorry if I killed that bucolic scene.

So, Chris Stain is getting ready, as are a number of street artists from New York, to go down south after Thanksgiving for the big Primary Flight events at Art Basel in Miami Beach.  Primary Flight will be the world’s largest site-specific street level mural installation.  Aside from that it will be in MIAMI. In DECEMBER. Questions?

BSA will have special reports from the street from on-the-scene action reporters! If they’re not drunk!  Or chasing bikini-clad models in Jimmy Choo  stilletos down Washington Ave.

Kesh and the Gang by Chris Stain

Kesh and the Gang by Chris Stain

Here is an inspired new print that Chris just finished for the show that incorporates his son and a couple of his school buddies, and a swirling bunch of leaves, adding a bit of light to a otherwise subdued-hued milieu.

Check out Primary Flight!

Primary Flight