In Memory of Death=Master of Masters and Art Show by Mr. Chris Uphues at Secret Project Robot


In Memory of Death = Master of Masters
An art show by Mr. Chris Uphues

Opening Reception
Friday November 6th 7 to 10pm
Also Same night:”True Nature”  by Henrike Stahl
at Live With Animals Gallery next door

Energy Pyramids and Energy Accumulators raise
the vibrational rate of the magnetic grids and fault zones
to a life giving status, thus reducing the physical and
mental health problems in the home and work environment.
This Pyramid is designed to harmonize Geopathic
Stress, especially suitable for clearing those harmful
Benker Grid lines and all sources of Electromagnetic
The word pyramid is made up of two
parts – ‘pyra’ which means fire, and ‘mid’
which means in the middle. Pointed shapes with different
bases are dynamic shapes and are supposed to be endowed with
motivating and activating properties. According to
researchers, the pyramid is the shape which resonates with
cosmic energy, coming from the sun and outer space, to the