Deutschland im Haus! A few more days to enjoy Bambule.

It’s been up for a couple of weeks, but you can still hit the closing party Friday at McCaig Welles of

Bambule, a gallery wide installation and exhibition of artworks by the Zonenkinder Collective – two German graff-artists. The term “bambule“ derives from the German argot and is traditionally used to describe a form of protest practiced by prison inmates – drumming with different objects, like spoons, inside jail cells to articulate resistance…. Sounds like the lunchroom in my junior high school.

The Zonenkinder Collective describes their work as “meant as a confusing but positive counterbalance and alternative vision of living and as a creative statement against the status quo of greed, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance, self-righteousness, lack of liability and lack of respect the dignity of men”.

Zonen Kinder Collective

Zonenkinder Collective

Through murals, paintings and installations, the Zonenkinder Collective transforms the gallery into a visual epic meant to transport the viewer in to the peculiarity of their world and into the radicalism of their worldview.

courtesy McCaig-Welles

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

Zonenkinders "Bambule" @ McCaig Welles, New York City, 2009 by ZONENKINDER Collective.

Leather Daddy and friends at the show. (Courtesy Zonenkinder)

paint for fun

An example of Zonenkinder's work outside.

Creative Commons License photo credit: PixLjUicE23

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