Closing Party for Zonenkinder Collective at McCaig Welles

Closing Party for Zonenkinder Collective

Bambule, a gallery wide installation and exhibition of artworks by the Zonenkinder Collective – two German graff-artists. The term “bambule“ derives from the German argot and is traditionally used to describe a form of protest practiced by prison inmates – drumming with different objects, like spoons, inside jail cells to articulate resistance…. Sounds like the lunchroom in my junior high school.

The Zonenkinder Collective describes their work as “meant as a confusing but positive counterbalance and alternative vision of living and as a creative statement against the status quo of greed, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance, self-righteousness, lack of liability and lack of respect the dignity of men”.

Zonen Kinder Collective

Zonenkinder Collective

Through murals, paintings and installations, the Zonenkinder Collective transforms the gallery into a visual epic meant to transport the viewer in to the peculiarity of their world and into the radicalism of their worldview.

courtesy McCaig-Welles

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

(courtesy McCaig Welles)

Zonenkinders "Bambule" <a href=@ McCaig Welles, New York City, 2009 by ZONENKINDER Collective.” width=”400″ height=”500″ />

Leather Daddy and friends at the show. (Courtesy Zonenkinder)

paint for fun

An example of Zonenkinder's work outside.

Creative Commons License photo credit: PixLjUicE23

McCaig Welles Gallery

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