Ellis G Draws You In

Detailed Work, Contemplative, and Playful (photo Steven P. Harrington)

The Brooklyn Street Artist Uses Chalk to Outline the Mundane and Make it Magic

I remember we used to have a chalkboard in the living room when I was a kid, and I liked to draw our dog and our cats on it all the time. It was a blast!

Ellis G. likes to draw his bicycle mainly – and when you see one on the sidewalk, all Robin’s Egg Blue chalk, and Banana Creme Pie Yellow chalk – your heart gets wings.

But EllisG. traces shadows of all kinds of things on the sidewalks. One time I found this outline of a giant leafy plant along Wythe Avenue near the Williamsburg Bridge, and I looked up to see this tropical looking bush climbing up the side of a brick house. His work draws your attention to things that you may not see, and in that way, draws you into his world. It’s a quiet, playful one.

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