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Louis Masai, Leaping Frogs and Crawling Crayfish in LA : “The Art Of Beeing”

Yellow legged frogs don’t know who the president is. Either do Shasta Crayfish. Regardless, both of these species are facing extinction and endangered, respectively. Are you doing anything about this? Louis Masai: The Art of Beeing USA Tour. Yellow Legged Frog. 90% have disappeared in the last 100 years. Downtown, LA. November 2016. (photo © […]

BSA Film Friday: 09.16.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. M-City at WL4 2. Faith47 – Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves 3. Henk and Louise Schiffmacher by Rust and Mako Deuza 4. Narcelio Grud: Mattress 5. Nether in Baltimore Philadelphia, Chicago and New York […]

Swoon: “Pearly’s Beauty Shop” in LA Helps You Be a Glamorous Philanthropist

SWOON and “Pearly’s Beauty Shop” are back! Heliotrope Benefit! Buy your TIX for Saturday 5/21 in Los Angeles HERE! BSA was an early and fervent supporter of the very first Pearly’s Beauty Shop nearly four years ago in Long Island City, New York: Swoon herself was there painting nails and the brand-new Braddock Tile architectural […]

Icy & Sot Stencil An Enormous Blue Whale in LA

Street Artists Icy & Sot are thinking about the ocean. More specifically they’re thinking about its largest resident, the blue whale. Icy & Sot. Endangered Species Mural Project. Los Angeles, CA. January 2016 (photo © Jess X. Chen) Up to 110 feet long and 330,000 pounds, the blue whale literally can go 1,600 feet deep […]

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