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Entes y Pesimo Go To Mexico

Cholula, Pachuca, Puebla, D.F. Peruvian Street Artists Entes y Pesimo traveled around Mexico as summers sun began to give everyone a rest from its intensity in the last month or so. Continuing to develop their figurative style and define technique, they usually take a long wall as an opportunity to let their figures lie down. […]

M.City in M. City : Polish Stencillist in Mexico

MAMUTT Arte and the Antique Toy Museum of Mexico (MUJAM) are continuing in their quest to invite the emerging slate of Street Art talents of today to bomb big time in their beloved Mexico City (D.F.). Last month Polish Street Artist M-City did 6 pieces to accompany the existing pieces by ROA, Liqen, Broken Crow, […]

Fun Friday 01.28.11

1. Titi Freak new print at OneThirty3
2. Ben Eine in Action (VIDEO)
3. Breaking: ROA and SEGO in Mexico City
4. How To Sell a Banksy (VIDEO)
5. Jaime Rojo Snowy Brooklyn (IMAGES)
6. Martyn Reed / Brooklynite / Eloquent Vandals
7. Some B*sh*t Happening – Via ONION – (VIDEO)