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Street Artist QRST Goes to New Orleans to Give BP and us a “Thwack”

Posted on March 8, 2011

With people actually advocating off-shore drilling as an option to pull down recently inflated gas prices at the pump, this timely reminder from Street Artist QRST talks about April showers nobody looks forward to. On a recent visit to New Orleans, whose gulf coast shore and fragile ecosystem were converted into the Big Greasy last year, he brought along some of his familiar animals. This time he wheat pasted some of them, wearing some familiar symbols, along the Bay water neighborhood, a place that he thinks was a good place contextually for his characters.


QRST “Right Tool for the Job” (photo © QRST)

According to QRST, he doesn’t want to point fingers just at the oil company that created the largest off shore environmental disaster in US history. With the piece called “Complicit”, he thinks everyone involved in an oil-driven economy should consider their role, and it’s effect on animals and the environment.


QRST “Complicit” (photo © QRST)

“This is about my part in everything that happens in the world,” he says. The title is ‘complicit’, the bird is hung with my name, it’s a casualty of my lifestyle. I’m claiming him and I, much like everyone else that wails and gnashes teeth about the state of the world, but whom continue to do essentially nothing.  I flew in an airplane to New Orleans where I climbed into my friend’s car and we drove it to this spot so I could paste his elegy to the wall”.

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