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Street Signals 08.08.09

Street Signals 08.08.09

Obama Reprise for Shepard Fairey on new Rolling Stone Cover

“Artist Shepard Fairey, whose iconic HOPE campaign poster of Barack Obama was a global sensation, is back with a new image that both questions and deifies the President.

Appearing on the cover of the Aug. 20 Rolling Stone, the portrait depicts Obama with a brow knit in determination, surrounded by a halo of stars.” – Daily News


Brooklyn-based Abe Lincoln Jr. Went to Seattle Last Month

And he had a nice little show there –

“Handcrafted Vectors is all new work that Ive done in a new style that combines different techniques from Street Art into a sort of decoupage/collage style. The influences are as varied as Matisse, Eric Carle, Roger Hargreaves, Colorforms and the Endless Love Crew.”

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Fauxreel brings animals into the picture in Toronto

Haven’t seen his realistic paste-ups in around in quite a while, but just saw this one went up in the great white north.

From Show and Tell Gallery,

“Often Dan’s projects tackle current social, cultural and political themes, while other works simply recontextualize the physical spaces he liberates.”

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Photo courtesy Show and Tell Gallery

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