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Isaac Cordal in Milan: Follow the Leaders

Street Artist and Fine Artist Isaac Cordal’s new installation in Milan for Venduto 3 meditates upon the theme of the failure of our leaders to do what they are supposed to do: Lead.  If the people in the streets this year from Cairo to Rome to Athens to Paris to LA to New York are indication, leadership is in crisis around the globe.


Isaac Cordal (photo © Isaac Cordal)

Among the paradigms that are shifting, first world cultures are also watching some evaporate. With his droll knack for set design, Cordal continues to place his business man sculptures in the man-made environment to create scenes that tweak perception.  In these new images, the myth of the paternal employer continues to crumble and Cordal’s miniature loyal “organization man” plods forward unthinkingly with shoulders slumped even as he descends into the rubble.


Isaac Cordal (photo © Isaac Cordal)

“Follow the leaders, is a reflection about how our leaders take us to a dead-end. This is a group of businessmen following the economy like automatas.

A mass of men stuck in the rubble of a civilization whose foundations are shaking” Isaac Cordal.

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