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Images of the Week 11.01.09

Brooklyn-Street-Art-IMAGES-OF-THE-WEEK_1009Our Weekly Interview with the Street

C Damage
C Damage Bear Guy (photo Jaime Rojo)

Avoid Pi
Avoid Pi is taking a new approach with this framed triad of photos.  If you can name them send us an email! (photo Jaime Rojo)

Blue-eyed Cake (photo Jaime Rojo)

"Army of One' JC2
“Army of One” by JC2 (photo Jaime Rojo)

Imminent Disaster
Half disaster (Imminent Disaster) (photo Jaime Rojo)

American jazz saint and snappy dresser Louis “Sachmo” Armstrong is back in New York, courtesy of MBW. Born poor in New Oleans, he ended up in the borough of Queens. (Jaime Rojo)

Transformer viking warrior dude is just so frustrated and verbally constipated that he resorts to giving the finger. (Pimax) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Gimme Shelter (QRST) (photo Jaime Rojo)

The Dude Company and A Later Collaborator
Stupendous collage and stencil work. Definitely the Dude Company – but who is the collaborator? (photo Jaime Rojo)

The Dude Company (Detail)
The Dude Company (Detail) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Revs is also doing collaborations more (photo Jaime Rojo)

“Eat Fruit and Die” (Specter) (photo Jaime Rojo)

You must be my Lucky Star (MBW) (photo Jaime Rojo)

A new Marilyn and a Red Velvet Underground banana (Pimax) (photo Jaime Rojo)

From that classic New York underground album referenced above, Femme Fatale

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