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Union Docs Present: “The Subway Series” Screening of Tunnel Stories and Spraymasters (Brooklyn, NYC)

322 Union Ave
G to Metropolitan / L to Lorimer

Please join us at Union Docs for the third screening in our two-month long Subway Series film festival! This screening will focus on the artists, taggers, and vandals, who make their mark underground in tunnels and on trains. It features the short film Tunnel Stories followed by the featured doc SprayMasters, along with a couple other short subway-related surprises.

Filmmakers Geoff Duncanson and Manfred Kircheimer will be in attendance for a Q&A along with series curator Reid Bingham.

TUNNEL STORIES | Geoff Duncanson | 2002 | USA | 24 minutes | Digital Projection

Beneath New York City, there is a book being written on the walls of tunnels and underground passageways. Raw, honest, and fascinating, Tunnel Stories provides a rare glimpse into the world of the graffiti artists who see subway tunnels as a playground, gallery, and lifestyle. Hear the stories of why these artists, writers, taggers, and vandals risk arrest, injury, or even death in pursuit of their clandestine lifestyle.

SPRAYMASTERS | Manfred Kirchheimer | 2008 | USA | 85 minutes | Digital Projection

In SprayMasters, four ex-graffiti artists reflect on their early years as renegades who snuck into rail yards and decorated New York City subway cars with stolen paint while eluding arrest. Now in their forties and embraced by the establishment, Lee Quinones, Lady Pink, and Futura 2000 are prominent artists with an international following, while Zephyr is a widely published journalist who writes about graffiti and popular culture.

They talk about the extreme risks they took as teenagers, the joys of seeing their work on subway cars, the diverse styles of graffiti, its global reach, and its place in modern life, where it has been co-opted by advertising and fashion. Directed by Manny Kirchheimer (Tall), SprayMasters is a follow-up to his underground classic Stations of the Elevated (1980), one of the first films to feature New York’s infamous subway graffiti.

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