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Suben Presents: Jaz – Franco Fasoli Solo Show at Ras Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)



Opening Thursday May 17th from 7.30 till 10 pm
RAS Gallery Barcelona . Carrer Doctor Dou 10

Jaz is Franco Fasoli, a respected artist that evolves like the ‘jazz’ his name evokes.

From his pioneering past as the most prolific graffiti writer in Argentina, he’s mastered the art of spray-paint taking it to another level and incorporating other materials, such as tar, oil and soil on large scale murals.

For his first European solo show at RAS, produced by Suben and curated by Maximiliano Ruiz, Jaz has reduced the scale of his raw looking figures without compromising the massiveness of their shape and intriguing textures. In the whole body of work, the duality within one and the clash of forces is a constant, all reinforced by a subtle, yet highly attained technique.

The show will comprise a broad selection of works on paper and some larger scale canvases.

Street works, artworks previews and further details on the exhibition can be found here.


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JAZ – FRANCO FASOLI . Exhibición Individual

Inauguración Jueves 17 de Abril de 7.30 a 10 pm

RAS Gallery Barcelona . Carrer Doctor Dou 10

Jaz es Franco Fasoli, un respetado artista que evoluciona como el ‘jazz’ que su nombre evoca.
Desde sus pioneros inicios como el graffitero Argentino mas prolífico, ha perfeccionado el arte del spray, llevándolo a otro nivel, incorporando materiales inusuales, como asfalto, tierra y combustible en murales de gran tamaño.
Para su primera exposición individual europea en Ras, producida por Suben y comisariada por Maximiliano Ruiz, Jaz redujo la escala de sus crudas figuras sin perder lo masivo de sus formas y las intrigantes texturas.
En la mayoría del trabajo presentado se aprecia la dualidad de la unidad y el choque de potentes fuerzas, todo resaltado por una sutil y depurada técnica.
La exposición contara con una selección extensa de trabajos sobre papel y varios lienzos de gran escala.

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Suben Presents: Isaac Cordal Solo Show (Barcelona, Spain)

Isaac Cordal



RAS Gallery Barcelona . Carrer Doctor Dou 10
Opening Friday April 13th from 7.30 till 10 pm
Exhibition runs from April 13th till May 12th
Curated by Maximiliano Ruiz

“In 2007 the Spanish building industry used 54.2 million tones of cement. This factoid did not escape the thoughtful attentions of one very interesting Galician digital nomad, namely Isaac Cordal. Cordal saw this frenzied ‘cementisation’ of the world around him as evidence of our deep alienation from an ongoing conflict with the natural environment. So, being an artist very much obsessed with the problem of the human body Cordal appropriated cement as the tool for his own intervention in the built environment. What this means in laymen’s terms is that he used cement to make his art and in this case his art was sculptures of little people.”
Gary Shove

“Blink and you’ll miss it. Turning the urban landscape in on itself with installations that are almost to subtle to be noticed while passing by in an individualistic frenzy, Isaac Cordal uses the grey functionality of cement to question the lack of colour and vibrancy in so much of our lives through his tiny figures.”
Street Art Utopia

“Creator of a tiny community of cement sculptures hidden and isolated around the city, Isaac Cordal invites us to reflect on the sad state of the world through his art. It holds a mirror up to society by recreating scenes of our everyday modern life reminding us of the numb passage of time, the overwhelming influence of consumerism and elimination of nature. Keep your eyes open!”
Street Art London

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