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First Splash from the “Street Crush” show

A Kisser-Packed Spectacular

Martha Cooper “Next I caught the L out to Greenpoint where Alphabeta was having a very cool (or should I say hot?) Valentine’s bash complete with a Kissing Booth and Strippers.”

Hrag Vartanian “Nothing like a blindfolded burlesque dancer twirling a hola-hoop in front of a wigless drag queen..

It’s kind of hard not to have fun when you are surrounded by art, artist, homies, kissers, and ladies with sequined tassles hanging from the ceiling.

Fun Valen-Times, a perfect street art/ graffitti marriage, and a mash-up of cultural influences swirling around that may not have happened since chocolate met peanut butter. No time to go into it all right now so here’s a few pics to sate your appetite.

But it is never too early to express a heartfelt Thank You to all the street artists, the burlesque performers, the djs, the projectionists, the electronic drummers, the kissing booth builder, the Kisser volunteers, and the family of Alphabeta.

Aiko (Detail)

"Girls Can Play" by Aiko (Detail)


Kissing Booth Happy; The show reflected in Jess's smile.

"Girl With No Thumbs" (Detail) by Broken Crow

"The Girl with No Thumbs" (Detail) by Broken Crow

Nasty Canasta and Mimi the Clown (photo Steven P. Harrington)

Nasty Canasta and Mimi the Clown (photo Steven P. Harrington)

"Wild In the Street" (detail) by Jef Aerosol

"Wild in the Streets" (detail) by Jef Aerosol


Kissing Booth Fun


Tigger! and Madame Voulez-Vous debate the necessity of clothing.


"Sex Sells" (detail) by Royce Bannon


Harvest Moon flies above the crowd (photo by Kat)


"Mam'zlle de mon reve!!" (detail) by Titi from Paris


What did he just say? I can't look, but I can't stop staring.


Clams Casino Elegance

The gallery is open till the 28th!

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Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon tonight at Factory Fresh

Anxiety Room is Open. Step on in.

Look what Ali and Ad locked up in their basement! Is this what they mean by Anxiety Room? All week Jon and Jim have been painting like mad men to get ready for this opening tonight. They are all very anxious and excited about the show, which will be full of brilliant characters no doubt (not just the guests).

Jon in a Blue Swirly Mood

Jon in a Blue Swirly Mood (photo DA Stover)

Jon in a Blue Swirly Mood (photo DA Stover)

"Um, when you are done with the pink can I borrow it?" (photo DA Stover)

Anxiety Room at Factory Fresh

And you can see a cool new animal sexy piece by Jon Burgerman in the “Street Crush” show.

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I Heart You! Chris Uphues at “Street Crush”

Who doesn’t know this happy heart guy?  Raise your hand!

That is because you are bitter.  That’s what it is.  And probably your mom was mean to you and your father was a big green sewer frog.  You know these hearts, with their various personalities and dispositions, but you just don’t want to admit it because you think that will make you soooooo un-tough.

When you round a corner and hit a sudden patch of hearts smacked up – with their different personalities and dispositions, they made you a little bit happier.  It’s okay.  No one will tell.

U Makin Me Salivate!  (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" Show)

U Makin Me Salivate! (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

I got a love hangover (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

I got a love hangover (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

Tough Love  (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush"

Tough Love (Chris Uphues for "Street Crush" show)

Check out this fun animation of Chris’s art made by Jason Robert Bell.

Love from Jason Robert Bell on Vimeo.

Chris Uphues

Street Crush Show

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