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Dan Witz is Such a Baby : New VIDEO

It’s the sulking ill-behaved fussiness, the middle of the night eruption of screaming, the “world revolves around me” attitude.  You’ve seen this before, usually poking their head out of a passing stroller, ear piercing tantrum in full effect, throwing any available object, hoping to rip a hole in the sky. This is the King Baby.

Stills of Dan Witz and his installations in Stavanger, Norway, courtesy of Nuart and Spiffy Films.

Unveiled in this brand new video scored by the artist on piano, this “King Baby” is peeking out at you from behind the metal grating as you saunter through the narrow streets of Stavanger.  Street Artist Dan Witz did a number of installations at Nuart 2011 and is here to tell you about the origins of this full-immersion exploration of someone he likens to certain artists. You know any King Babies?

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