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Girl With a Shred Balloon: Banksy Slices Live at Sotheby’s

Girl With a Shred Balloon: Banksy Slices Live at Sotheby’s

Street Art fans are completely familiar with the ephemeral nature of art.

Sotheby’s may not be.

Last night at the venerated auction house in London the performance artist and wittily cerebral Street Artist Banksy apparently self-destructed an artwork that only seconds beforehand was hammered in at roughly a million.

Part of the October Contemporary Art Evening Auction here during the Frieze week, the auction had just sold the iconic “Girl With Balloon” when it slipped downward through the bottom of the frame before bidders eyes, turning the work into pasta pieces to be boiled and served al dente with a rich sayonara sauce.

Bansky. Image courtesy of the artist from the official Bansky Instagram account.

“Has Sotheby’s been framed?”
“Did Banksy sell and buy the piece for a stunt?”
“Is the art more or less valuable now?”
“Is Banksy Sticking it to the Man?
“Do unicorns really fart glitter?”

While the sometimes seemingly drunken conjecture and #hashtagging about who engineered this performance and who’s sorry/not sorry ricochets across our screens, a video that has been attributed to the artist asserts that this cutting achievement in ambush performance was on the boards for a while. As usual with the artist/team working collectively as Banksy, its not crystal clear who’s done what.

But there’s no doubt that Banksy again is the star and the reviews are apoplectic!

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Another Breathless Banksy Update 01.19.11

Awards Season, Ebay Auctions, And Other Tales

brooklyn-street-art-banksy-web-triptychHis mysterious excellency in “Exit Through the Gift Shop” ©Paranoid Pictures

The nominees for the 2011 ©Oscar Ceremony to be held in Los Angeles in February 27 will be announced the 25th of  January and we expect the feeding frenzy of no-news will continue its build up with legions of smart publicists and studio’s marketing heads selectively leaking or straight-up spoon feeding stories to us. We’ve heard that Bansky’s crockumentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” has made the short list of 15 films to be considered for best documentary and because you have a Twitter account, so have you. If he is nominated we can’t wait to see a bimbo with a microphone asking him on the red carpet, “And who are you wearing?”

Sadly, Swiss film maker Joachim Levy says he was left off the credits in the movie and should have been included, according to a New York Times piece by Melena Ryzik, “A few minutes of “Life Remote Control” and some footage from Mr. Guetta and Mr. Levy appear in “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which subsequently became the story of how Mr. Guetta was transformed, with Banksy’s prodding, from a chronicler of street art into an artist himself”.  He’s protesting bitterly about his exclusion from the credits, and the cash cow the movie is turning into, we might add.

For all we know this is just one of the many marketing plots that Banksy or Banksy’s camp have concocted to create extra buzz for the film in the hopes that it would get nominated by the Academy.  What with the many interviews (via email) that the normally invisible Banksy has granted?  So far the strategy appears to be working as the film did get a nomination this week  from the BAFTA people (the British version of the Oscars) for outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer.


And finally, we won’t get to find out his true identity now that Ebay has taken down the auction that had 38 bidders up to almost a million bucks. The prize? A scrap of paper with his alleged real name. Sorry kids, no Banksy or Santa Clause information will be revealed.  Luckily you can still bid on a chunk of concrete with a rat stencil sprayed on it.

Tomorrow on Ebay, to more robust bidding I expect, I will be auctioning my electric bill from December. As a bonus you’ll see the price of a weekly Metrocard and a cellphone shot of my granny’s teeth in a glass.


What are we to think? Is Banksy behind this “auction”? For sure he knows his own identity, or does he? And why would this be on Ebay? – Shouldn’t it be on Sotheby’s or Christie’s?

In the next “‘Breathless Banksy Update” we’ll talk about who we think should design his full length burka-style  hoodie to attend the Academy Awards ceremony should he be so lucky as to snag a nomination. If he is reading this, as we know he most certainly is, we urgently implore him to start looking for a designer PRONTO.

In the midst of all the speculation about Banksy’s identity, perhaps the elephant is on the screen in your living room.


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Where’s your REVS? Sculpture is HOT!


You would think that the current doldrums with bear markets worldwide, discussions of entire countries in imminent bankruptcy, the banker-induced housing crisis here and unemployment rolls hitting record heights, the appetite for buying art might have dried up. Um, nope.

Apparently for art collectors with big pockets, a keen eye, and good intuition there’s no such a thing as a recession. Art continues to be made, bought and sold regardless of the economic environment, if the recent record sale of Alberto Giacometti’s “Walking Man I” for a whopping $104.3 was any indication. It was the most expensive artwork ever sold at an auction.

The 1961 “L’Homme Qui Marche I,” a life-size sculpture of walking human figure is 72 inches (183 centimeters) tall. According to Sotheby’s auction house, it “represents the pinnacle of Giacometti’s experimentation with the human form” and is “both a humble image of an ordinary man, and a potent symbol of humanity,”

Good news for REVS! Sculpture is hot! (photo ©Jaime Rojo)
The recent record-breaking news has got to be good for REVS! Sculpture is hot! (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

Here’s a chart of the ten most expensive pieces of art ever sold throughout booming economies, bull markets and financial crisis regardless.


Image Courtesy of "Transparency"

Image Courtesy of GOOD

Read more about this at GOOD here:

Also check out a new interview by Sebastian Buck of Fauxreel at GOOD.

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NEED Holiday Shopping Money? We’re offering “Cash For Your Warhols”


Dust off your old Silver Elvis,

Run a damp rag across you Mao,

Give your Mick a rubdown,

We’ll Pay Top Dollar!

(Geoff Hargadon)
Call this number today! Street Art? Maybe….. (Geoff Hargadon) (photo ©Jaime Rojo)

Sotheby’s Also May Be Able to Help You Sell Them

Their recent New York contemporary auction sold this silk screen called 200 One Dollar Bills for $43.8 million to an anonymous bidder.

You see! You CAN buy me that XBox 360 for Christmas!

warhol-100 bills

“I think Warhol’s prices have held steady because he is considered the most influential postwar artist. He forged the path of being a creative director who invented rather than expressed himself and was acutely aware of both the business and kind of media resonance of his art.” said Sarah Thornton of The Economist

Listen to an audio interview at NPR here

The Only “Eight Elvises” Breaks Warhol Record

I'll have a Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Christmaaaaas, without youuuuu
I’ll have a Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Christmaaaaas, without youuuuu – “8 Elvises” sold for 100 million dollars.  That’s like twelve and a half per

“Unlike most of Warhol’s other pieces, which are screen prints made by his assembly line of assistants in his infamous NYC Factory, this Warhol Elvis piece is unique. Warhol only made one of the work he called Eight Elvises.”

Read more at Juxtapoz


Time’s a wastin’: That Jackie O in the laundry room could be worth some MU-LAH baby!!

go to Cash for Your Warhol .com today

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