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Josh and Favianna are Revolting in Italy!

Not really, I just try to come up with clever headlines

But truth be told, authors of House of Love and Dissent) on their world tour promoting their book on how to make a stencil and change the world.

Flyer from the opening

Flyer from last night's opening

Josh, a Brooklyn street artist, tells BSA that a ton of people came to last night’s event, and tonight is another cool party. “I’m excited to see which graphics from the book resonate with people here, and how that differs from other places.”

The book, a very accessible and quick historical primer on the power of using graphics for social change, features a multitude of stencils you can use immediately.

And that is what the authors intend: In an age of non-stop visual glut from corporate advertising and PR firms, the little guy and gal can seize the power of the message with some thoughtful application of stencils, or a photocopier.

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