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Specter Finds His Sisters In Paris and Chicago

brooklyn-street-art-specter-12-10-rachi-closeupSpecter (photo © Specter)

“Class, today we are going to make puppets. Jimmy sit down please. Did everyone remember to bring a sock to school today as I had requested last Thursday? Yolanda do you have yours? Jenelle?  Good. Let’s see everybody hold their sock in the air. Okay good. Jimmy… Okay these are going to be our “pretend friends”.  And does everyone have two buttons for the eyes?  Okay, I’ll wait until some people in the back stop talking – I’m sure we all would like to get on with the project.  Tony and Lindsay, do I need to split you two up?”

brooklyn-street-art-specter-12-10-rachiSpecter © photo Specter

Art classes at school are just about the funnest thing there is – mostly because they combine work and play and imagination. Brooklyn Street Artist Specter has been making his own imaginary friends on the streets of Paris and Chicago this fall. To be more precise, he’s been making sisters – the ones he says he wished he could have  when he was a kid.

The new series is called “Les Filles”, and it is “about my mate’s five sisters and my desire to have sisters my entire life. Now I feel like I have what I’ve always wanted,” explains Specter excitedly, as he contemplates eating some paste while Miss Pennywhistle writes something on the chalkboard.

brooklyn-street-art-specter-12-10-lena-1Specter © photo Specter


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