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BSA Film Friday: 05.30.14

BSA Film Friday: 05.30.14

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Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1.”Cast A Shadow”- Hiroyasu Tsuri (TWO ONE)
2. Spring Fling/ Rural Mural (Scotland)
3. The Pony Thief (Denmark)
4.Puddles Swings from the “Chandelier”

BSA Special Feature:
“Cast A Shadow”- Hiroyasu Tsuri (TWO ONE)

Visual storytelling and psychological portraiture here by film maker Michael Danischewski as he conjures the interior/exterior of Japanese graffiti/fine artist TWO ONE.

How the innerworld manifests – whether in sculpture, mural, or quickly rendered on a corrugated pulldown gate in the commercial district, Cast a Shadow  remains enigmatic and bouyant, occupying a layer between the conscious and subconscious.


Spring Fling/ Rural Mural (Scotland)

A further integration, a further erosion, a further foundation. Urban is meeting rural increasingly, if still tentatively, and in the process these artists and others like them are engaging a new audience and beginning conversations about what we may more comfortably refer to as Contemporary Art.

Last month artists were paired off for and event called Spring Fling Rural Mural in South West Scotland to create new works on architecture in the rural areas – barns, farm buildings, substations.

The film by Fraser Denholm and Richard Watson gives a broad and specific overview of the events and a number of the organizers, artists, and new works.


The Pony Thief (Denmark)

According to Wikipedia, “Horse theft was very common throughout the world prior to widespread car ownership. Punishments were often severe for horse theft, with several cultures pronouncing the sentence of death upon actual or presumed thieves.”

Aren’t they nice in Denmark? The artist tracked down the three meter high pink pony that had disappeared. See how it all ends up.


Puddles Swings from the “Chandelier”

Awww, let’s have a pity party for poor Puddles. Except that he is an emotive and stunning performer with a gorgeous golden voice. Poor Puddles.

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