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Opera Gallery Presents: “The Street Art Show” (London, UK)

Opera Gallery

brooklyn-street-art-Blek-le-rat-Banksy-opera-galleryBlek Le Rat “Banksy” (image courtesy © of the gallery)

Opera Gallery London will be hosting “The Street Art Show” from June 17 to June 30 and will bring street art on posh New Bond Street.
The group show will bring together some of the most established street artists and young promising up-and-coming graffiti artists.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Banksy, Blek Le Rat, b., Alexone, Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Seen, Ron English, Logan Hicks, Crash, The London Police, Nick Walker, How & Nosm, Saber, Roa, Swoon, Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister, Rich Simmons.

The preview night will be dedicated to raise funds for the UK Charity Action for Children.

The event is Free entrance and you can turn up at anytime during opening hours

Mon-Sat 10.00am – 7.00pm and Sun 12.00-7-pm.
Opera Gallery London Ltd
134 New Bond Street
London W1S 2TF

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God Save the Stencil: The Rise and Fall of Western Commodification

Will and Kate as Sid and Nancy: They’re not the snooty types


The anticipated springtime royal coupling of blue bloods is reduced to playing “dress-up” at the 80’s Night Theme Party and just one more nail in the Rotten coffin of anarchy in the UK. Prince William and Kate Middleton, unborn at the time when Britain birthed the sneering Sex Pistols in the late 70s, are transformed cheerily into “edgy” punks in this new Street Art stencil by artist 24 year old Rich Simmons, surely causing Sid Vicious to roll in his grave. Then again, he might have had a good larf to see how unemployed working class youth giving the finger to an indifferent establishment eventually was mollified into a kooky “fashion choice”.

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“God Save The Queen” by artist Jamie Reid for the Sex Pistols in 1977


The Sex Pistols during the shoot for the “God Save the Queen” promotional video, early 1977. The Jamie Reid poster is displayed behind the band (public domain).

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