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BSA Film Friday: 01.16.15

BSA Film Friday: 01.16.15



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Paulo Ito and a Neighborhood Mural in Brazil
2. Sesame Street X Hot Tea
3. Sten & Lex: Shanghai 2014
4. The London Police: Miami Art Basel 2014
5. Pow Wow! Hawaii – Martha Cooper


BSA Special Feature: Paulo Ito and a Neighborhood Mural in Brazil

“It’s about the early sexualization of children in the culture today,” says muralist Paulo Ito as he tells you about his new mural on this small neighborhood wall. Sampa Graffiti helps to lay the groundwork for this artist to tell his story, and we get to accompany him on this very personal mission. It is the simple storytelling that allows you to understand the evolution of an artists practice from youth to middle age, the moment when you find your style and are no longer in doubt about where your voice is.

From an art-making perspective, we learn so much from watching his method of illustration with the cans, how he handles the caps, how he renders in a style and technique that one may quickly associate with a Brazilian aesthetic.  Make sure you watch the version with the translation!


Sesame Street X Hot Tea

Well, you knew it was going to happen sooner or later didn’t you?

Don’t be so bitter – that’s your homeboy Grover helping out with the yarnbomb! And Hot Tea gives him a hug when he gets all tied up.



Sten & Lex: Shanghai 2014

And just to get that sweetness out of your mouth….and just to perplex you further but in the opposite monochromatic psychedelic geometric way, Sten and Lex just went to Shanghai and ripped a new giant wall that will leave you scratching your head. But they like it that way.

The London Police: Miami Art Basel 2014

Here’s a nice commercial gig the LP chaps got in Miami at Villa Bagatelle last month. This one was actually in South Beach, but unlike the description in the video, it wasn’t the first. So crisp, so nice, so fresh nonetheless.

Pow Wow! Hawaii – Martha Cooper

What can we say about Martha besides we love her. This video captures her in her natural state without the hype.

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