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Logan Hicks and C215 in a “Parallel Universe” at Show and Tell

Street Art Stencil Masters Join Talents in first Collaborative Show in Toronto

Indicative of a new technique Logan has been exploring since the end of summer – a new piece called”Self Portrait 2″ (courtesy Show and Tell Gallery)

Last week two street artists, Brooklyn’s Logan Hicks and C215 from Paris, left New York to head further north to Toronto to install their new show “Parallel Universe” at the Show and Tell Gallery.

Aside from some travel complications and a smashed shipping crate that damaged some of Logan’s work, the show went well and the art patrons of Toronto had the opportunity to see for themselves the stupendous work of two of the most talented stencil street artists working today.


The Parisian stencil master takes a moment to reflect ("Self portrait" by C215) (courtesy Show and Tell Gallery)

The two friends were pretty stoked to have a show together.  Their collaborative work was so seamless that a casual observer may not have discerned the difference in styles. While Hicks leans more toward meditations on the geometry and vanishing horizon perspective created by formal architectural convention, C215 easily blends his gentle pathos for the streets and the people who live on them.

“Chinatown”, by Logan Hicks and C215 (courtesy Show and Tell Gallery)

Mr. Hicks also sent some pics of preparations of the show. Thanks Logan!

Parallel Universe Logan Hicks and C215 installing the show
“Parallel Universe”  installation in progress.

C215 work ready to  be hang
C215 work is on the floor and put in order to be hung.

Logan Hicks work ready to be hang
Back allys, street canyons, and fire in the sky: Logan Hicks work ready to be hung.

Parallel Universe people's Universe
Toronto fans begin to arrive at “Parallel Universe” show at Show and Tell Gallery.

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Logan Hicks and C215 in “Parallel Universe” at Show & Tell (Toronto)

Two Stencil Street Artists known well to Brooklyn are in a Parallel Universe November 6th in Toronto.

Two of the best on the scene today

Two of the best on the scene today

Show & Tell Gallery is proud to welcome world-renowned international stencil artists C215 (Paris) & Logan Hicks (NYC) to their first exhibition in Canada.

The show titled “Parallel Universe” is a unique look at stencil art, a subculture of graffiti that can be traced back over 30 years. Through their medium of choice both artists aim to capture the essence of city life. Logan creates highly detailed renditions of cityscapes, focusing on architecture, alleyways, and scenes that might not be easily recognized as beautiful. C215 on the other hand aims to capture human emotions and feelings through the subjects he chooses to paint, with his focus mainly on homeless, anonymous, and people who are generally rejected by society. The juxtaposition of both artists style is really something special, while they are close friends and work in a common medium their artistic styles vary significantly. “Parallel Universe” marks the first joint show between the pair and will feature several collaborative works as well as pieces that are inspired by one another.

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