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Old Crow Tattoo Presents: Optimist “Man. Animals & The Machines” (Oakland, CA)


“If you consider Graffiti as an art form reaching the widest audience it has in decades, I think it’s really important to promote active writer’s. The current norm is moreso based on promoting folks who are only painting commission murals, and /or are creating gallery and museum art from graffiti backgrounds. I think the current state of graffiti is being shaped by not only the street but also those who are moving from the street into the gallery.  To be making gallery ready artwork with such a high amount of illegal graffiti running is amazing, dangerous and for some humbling.  That being said, Optimist is a very well rounded and he personifies what it is to be a writer in this specific and changing time for Urban art” Terry OCT

brooklyn-street-art-Optimist-old-crow-tattoo-1Optimist (photo courtesy of Old Crow Tattoo)

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