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Banksy Disappears from L.A.! Oh Oscar! Oh Oprah

One of Banksy’s Latest Flights of Fancy: Exclusive After And Before Pics


Up to the minute photograph of the wall in Boyle Heights, the east side neighborhood of Los Angeles where Banksy once was. (photo © John Carr)

Winner of the Golden Chainsaw award for balls, the citizens of Los Angeles have been using circular saws (something that everyone clearly has lying around the house) to help themselves to a slab of Street Art attributed to that international man of mystery, Banksy.  The Street Artist, who’s documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is nominated for an Academy Award this evening, has been attributed with the appearance of a number of pieces in the area in recent weeks.

brooklyn-street-art-john-carr-banksy-1 Banksy in happier days (photo © John Carr)

Banksy Removal Instructions, Good Grief! Watch Yer Fingaz

In this video a man appears to be cutting along an invisible dotted line around Banksy Brown. No one can say for sure who put it up but why take chances, right? A piece quite similar to it appears on the Fine Art Buyer website.

Banksy…. Oprah. Oprah…. Banksy.


The rumor has been confirmed, the Best Documentary award will be given tonight by Oprah Winfrey, the talk-show host turned Queen of All Media. As the most famous anonymous hooded Street Artist in the universe contemplates the red carpet, we’re thinking about The Last Airbender, which dominated the 31st annual Razzie Awards last night as Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D.

Hadn’t heard of air-bending until this year. Sounds like a home competition among 14 year olds that involves farting. Anyway, here’s to all the awards show hot air you can endure and best of luck to all the nominees!

Image above a still from The Last Airbender from Nicolodean Movies.

With very special thanks to photographer John Carr for his on the spot Banksy photos. All copyrights John Carr.

MBW takes a Big Bite: “Exit Through the GiftShop” Opens in US 4/16

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Images of the Week 08.30.09

Images of the Week 08.30.09

ur Weekly Interview with the Street

Black and White against blue backdrop
Summer Geometric Abstraction (photo Jaime Rojo)

C215 with an OverUnder flyby (photo Jaime Rojo)

Who holds the key to this Tainted Lovebox? (Deeker) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Sacer as interpreted by Deitch
Sacer as interpreted by Deitch (photo Jaime Rojo)

Gats and Gaia
Gats and Gaia (photo Jaime Rojo)

Double Cows Gaia
Double Cows (Gaia) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Reminds me of that classic Dead Kennedy’s song (Haculla) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Haculla does Operah
Haculla has raunchy time with Britney and does Oprah the following Thursday (photo Jaime Rojo)

I Love NY
I Do Too!  (I Love NY)  (photo Jaime Rojo)

I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Night!  (Ink) (photo Jaime Rojo)

King Kess
If you say so…. (King Kess) (photo Jaime Rojo)

(Momo) (photo Jaime Rojo)

NohJ Coley pays tribute tot he late Dash Snow
NohJColey pays tribute to the late Dash Snow (photo Jaime Rojo)

And if that’s not enough, I’ve gotta take the kids back-to-school shopping! (OHM) (photo Jaime Rojo)

The Lion King on Crack (OHM) (photo Jaime Rojo)

OHM (photo Jaime Rojo)

Do you know the way to Rockefeller Center?  I got cut-off from my tour group during a rainstorm in 1998 (OHM) (photo Jaime Rojo)

OHM (photo Jaime Rojo)

OHM (photo Jaime Rojo)

OHM (photo Jaime Rojo)

Pink lipstick on a Red Nose Pit Bull
Pink lipstick on a Red Nose Pit Bull (Tazmat Red Nose) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Bishop 203
I see you and my heart takes flight… (Bishop203) (photo Jaime Rojo)

Welcome to the entrance, now tell me the secret word, you fool, and kiss me!  (C215) (photo Jaime Rojo)

(Celso) (photo Jaime Rojo)

General Howe
Battle of Bushwick! (General Howe) (photo Jaime Rojo)

General Howe
Guarding the Graffiti Kingdom (General Howe) (photo Jaime Rojo)

General Howe
Halt!  Don’t move.  Hand over that Snickers Bar before we call in the rest of the troops. (General Howe) (photo Jaime Rojo)

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